County Will Help Princeton Pay For Drainage Improvements

Town of Princeton officials showed this map to Johnston County Commissioners during their Oct. 4, 2021 presentation highlighting areas that would benefit from the drainage improvements.
Princeton Mayor Don Rains thanks Johnston County Commissioners after they approved funding Oct. 4, 2021 for drainage improvement work in the town limits.

PRINCETON – Johnston County will help the Town of Princeton pay for drainage improvements. The improvements will help decrease flooding on public and private properties. 

The projects will include installing larger culverts at road crossings and regrading ditches to increase stormwater runoff capacity. 

Phase 1
The projects are split into two phases. The first phase include the South Pine Street and South Walnut Street areas and will benefit 119 residences.  It involves a partnership between the Town of Princeton and the NC Department of Transportation.  The Town’s portion of the cost approximately $395,000.  County commissioners voted October 3rd to pay for up to $395,000 towards the first phase.

The project is under design and will go out for bids within 30 days. Construction will begin in late-2021 or early-2022.

In providing the $395,000 funding, Commissioners stipulated that any state or federal grant funds available for the project would be used first and would be the primary source of funding. The County’s contribution would be the secondary source.

“This is a great project. The Board of Commissioners appreciates the great working relationship with the Town of Princeton and all of the municipalities in the County,” stated County Manager Rick Hester.

Phase 2
The second phase, Beaverdam Creek Phase II, will cost about $320,000 and will benefit 228 residences and 52 businesses. The project is currently in the pre-design and easement acquisition phase. The Town anticipates their cost will be around $320,000.

Flooding in Princeton October 9, 2021.

Officials said the two projects will benefit 54 percent of all residents and 73 percent of all businesses in the Town of Princeton.

Princeton has received $222,769 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Princeton has earmarked 100 percent of the funds for the drainage improvement projects.

Princeton plans to pursue additional ARPA funds for future drainage improvement projects from the State Clean Water fund.