Courtyard Cabins At White Swan Project Approved

In a unanimous vote, the Smithfield Town Council has signed off on plans for Courtyard Cabins at White Swan on Highway 301 South at Galilee Road.

The current site has a motel with four 400 square foot stand-along cabins. The council approved a rezoning request to add fourteen new 598 square foot cabins to be developed.

The proposed site improvements include a new one-way drive, preservation of existing large trees on the site, landscaping, a privacy fence on the side and rear perimeter, improved paved entrances, upgraded motel parking, a concrete single-vehicle parking pad for each cabin, and an easement for a future sidewalk along Highway 301 South (South Brightleaf Boulevard).

The project will be developed in three phases.

Property owner Linwood Parker of Four Oaks was present for the April 6th public hearing.


  1. Court Yard Cabins are going to be a great addition to Southern Smithfield 301 area. Thank you Mr. Linwood, how could anyone else have achieved this? Amazing at your amazing gift at getting this unanimously passed especially when the board unanimously voted against the RV Park near the Carolina Pottery Mall? I know those retired folks in those six figured RV’s would had to certainly have killed the property values in that neighborhood? 301 South Smithfield near Packing Plant Road is going to be like keeping up with the Jones now folks.

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