COVID-19 Restrictions Force Closure Of Popular Grill

FOUR OAKS – The owner of Holt Lake Gas and Grill announced today the closure of all food service operations in their grill. Tony Braswell says continued COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants across North Carolina forced him to make the difficult decision to cease all grill and food sales until further notice.

“Currently there is not a clear path to operate with COVID-19 and the Governor’s three-phased opening.  For two months we tried to operate with takeout service with the expectation there would be a reasonable end date.  Sadly we and others may now still have two more months of this uncertainty, and quite frankly, our business cannot survive any more delayed openings,” Mr. Braswell said Monday.

“I want to thank my employees and our dedicated customers for their support during this unprecedented time.  We will be in a better situation when unrestricted openings begin, to make a decision on how to move forward.”

Mr. Braswell said the convenience store and fuel sales portion of his business would continue.  “Our store operations will continue and we look forward to serving those customers,” stated Mr. Braswell.

Holt Lake Gas and Grill is located at 4056 US Highway 301 South in Four Oaks.