CSX Releases Statement Prior To Commissioners Meeting

CSX released a statement to the local media Wednesday afternoon asking local leaders not to reject the regional transportation hub planned for the Selma-Micro area. The 1:30pm release is just hours before County Commissioners meet at 6:30pm in closed session to discuss the fate of the CSX terminal.

The CSX statement says:

CSX has learned that the Johnston County Board of Commissioners is having a closed meeting today to address concerns about the proposed Carolina Connector (CCX) intermodal terminal. CSX urges the Commissioners to continue an open dialogue about this economic development opportunity. The project is in day seven of a multi-year process. And, there is much room for continued discussions, refinement and feedback.

We encourage the Commissioners to meet with us and to not walk away from jobs for the people of Selma, Micro and Johnston County – including 300 short term construction jobs and 300 more permanent jobs with annual CSX salaries averaging more than $60,000 – as well as critical infrastructure that will expand the reach of existing NC businesses to national and global markets.

CSX-Logo-FIOur company wants to listen, and we believe that by working with the Commissioners and concerned citizens, we can reach a mutually beneficial accommodation – one that reflects Johnston County’s values and creates economic opportunities. Regrettably, we have not been afforded the opportunity to meet since the announcement. Many inaccuracies are being reported and we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss them. We continue to be confident that we can address landowner and community concerns through an open dialogue, much like we’ve done at our Northwest Ohio terminal and other developments across our network.

Just one week has transpired since landowners and the public were informed about this project. During that time we’ve heard from project supporters and concerned citizens. We welcome these conversations and the constructive feedback that will follow. We urge Commissioners to honor the process and allow themselves, the community, and other stakeholders the opportunity to have a thoughtful dialogue about how we can build this terminal in a way that ultimately benefits the County.

CSX continues to believe that there is a way to deliver the state, regional and local economic benefits of this critical infrastructure project in a way that respects the interests, addresses the questions and acknowledges the passionate voices of landowners and area residents.