Clayton Police Looking For Suspicious Minivan

Clayton Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for a suspicious vehicle spotted near the scene of a car break-in last week.

Around Noon on Wednesday, January 13th, a woman was walking her dog at the East Clayton Dog Park off Glen Laurel Road when someone broke out the passenger side door window to her car and stole her purse.  

Clayton-Police-Car-Image-FIThe victim said the theft happened while the park was filled with people and surprisingly no one at the park heard the door glass shatter.

However, witnesses did report seeing a suspicious dark blue or navy minivan with tinted windows and a Florida license plate in the parking lot at the time of the car break-in.  The victim told WTSB News the van was positioned as if was to exit the parking lot and it had the drivers rear sliding door open. 

Another park visitor thought about calling police to report the suspicious van prior to the break-in but did not.  If anyone has any information about the suspicious vehicle or the car break-in, contact Clayton Police at 919-553-4611.   

Town of Clayton Public Information Officer Stacy Beard said this is the first vehicle break-in at the dog park in the past four years.