DOT Converting Four Oaks Intersection To All-Way Stop

On Tuesday, the intersection of Highway 96 South and Keen Road near Four Oaks is being switched to a permanent four-way stop traffic pattern.

The current setup requires traffic on Keen Road to stop, but Highway 96 drivers can continue through the intersection. There are also flashing yellow lights for motorists on NC 96 and flashing red lights on Keen Road.  The flashing lights for NC 96 will be changed to red.

The work will begin about 9:00am Tuesday and is expected to be completed by 3:00pm. Flagmen will be used to control traffic through the intersection during the project. In addition to adding stop signs in both directions for NC 96 and the change in the flashing lights, crews will also install advance warning signs and pavement markings at the intersection.

A DOT traffic study determined the change was needed because of intersection geometry and crash history at the intersection.

A statewide study by the department that looked at more than 50 intersections that underwent the same conversion to all-way stop showed a 68 percent drop  in total crashes, a 77 percent drop in fatality and injury crashes, and a 75 percent reduction in front-impact crashes.

As drivers approach an all-way stop intersection, these are the right of way rules:

•    The first vehicle to the intersection has the right of way ahead of any vehicle that has not yet arrived;
•    When two or more vehicles reach an intersection at the same time, the vehicle to the right has the right of way;
•    The vehicle with the right of way may move straight ahead or, if legal and after signaling, turn left or right;
•    When two facing vehicles approach an intersection at the same time, both drivers can move straight ahead or turn right. If one driver is going straight while the other wants to turn left, the driver who wants to turn left must yield. The driver who is traveling straight ahead has the right of way; and
•    Even with the right of way, remember to use the appropriate turn signals and be careful to avoid hitting other vehicles and/or pedestrians.