Animal Lovers Will Have New Go-To Place

Allison Hudson has taken her love for caring for baby animals and turned it into an opportunity to share that feeling with the rest of the world.

On Saturday, the gates to My Happy Place opened for the first time to the public. When it does Mrs. Hudson hopes those who decide to visit the farm she calls home will enjoy the animals as much as she does.

Her specialty, if you will, is bottle feeding baby animals. She said area farmers have brought goats, sheep, cows and other livestock for her to bottle-raise. Now she hopes to share her passion.

“I literally have 50 animals that think they’re dogs,” she said. “They’ll follow me around. I look like a mama duck with a line of babies.”

From there an idea was born.

“So, I thought they’re all incredibly friendly, so why not share that with the public,” she said. “I don’t work, my animals are my full-time job along with my husband and kids.”

There were other motives as well. One being the animals get to meet more people and the kids who come will probably learn something whether they’re trying to or not.

“Kids would get to handle animals that aren’t typically as tame as mine,” she said. “I run a farm that makes no money. We don’t sell anything — we give eggs away — it was an opportunity to open the doors to kids to have a hands-on farm experience.”

The gates will be open to individuals, families and field trips from schools or other places. Birthday parties can also be planned and reserved at the farm.

When someone does decide to visit My Happy Place they can expect a little more than just a petting zoo.

There are games, pony rides, horseshoes and even a kissing booth. For a voluntary donation to an organization that rescues unwanted foals — that’s a baby horse — visitors can plant a smooch on the animal of their choice.

If kissing is not your thing, but hugging a furry little animal or even some baby livestock, there’s a place for you as well.

Everything from rabbits to guinea pigs can be held and hugged by visitors or you can take a chance and bottle feed an animal as well.

My Happy Place will be open to the public Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by reservation.

The farm is located at 1266-A McLamb Road off N.C. 242 about a half mile from GALOT Motorsports Park near Benson.  For more information about My Happy Place or for details about celebrating a birthday or other occasion, call Mrs. Hudson at 919-902-1870. Courtesy The Daily Record