Doyle Named Carolina Research Scholar

By: Sarah Moore, Staff Photographer and Janet D. Cooke, Adviser, The Comet Pride Online

Ross Doyle, a senior at Clayton High School has been recognized as a Carolina Research Scholar. He plans to attend UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall.

Doyle said receiving the scholarship “was unreal”. The Carolina Research Scholars Program is offered to about 10 percent of students admitted to UNC-Chapel Hill.

“Only 50 applicants received the offer of the stipend and other opportunities affiliated with it,” he said. “I receive the stipend [in] my sophomore year, but I will be working hard at school and preparing myself for my research projects and events in the following years.”

Doyle said he is ecstatic about the many opportunities that can come with the scholarship.

The research scholarship is designed to foster and expand student engagement. It serves as a framework to help guide students in navigating the process of designing and pursuing mentored research, scholarship or creative performance, communicating their discoveries and findings to the larger community, and sharing their experiences with others.