Driver Arrested In Connection With Fatal Johnston County Crash

Suspected impaired driver had no license or insurance

Photo by John Payne

CLAYTON – The State Highway Patrol has charged a Clayton man with felony death by motor vehicle in connection with a deadly crash Monday afternoon on US Highway 70 near the Wake County line.

The wreck was reported at 5:21pm in front of Frontline Motors. The driver of a car hauler had parked on the eastbound shoulder to pick up a vehicle from the used car dealership to transport to Tennessee.

Photo by John Payne

Yurii Vakhniak, age 40, of Brooklyn, NY had loaded the car on the trailer and reaching to open the driver’s door to get into his truck when he was struck by a Ford passenger car than ran off US 70 to the right.

The Ford struck the car hauler trailer before striking the driver. Vakhniak died at the scene.

The driver of the Ford, Seydina Ousmane Nidaye, age 27, of Clayton, was transported to the hospital and later arrested for felony death by motor vehicle, which is inclusive of a driving while impaired offense. Nidaye was also charged with driving on a revoked license, no insurance, and fictitious registration.

Wake County deputies closed the eastbound lanes at Guy Road, diverting heavy rush-hour traffic away from the accident scene. Clayton Police assisted the Highway Patrol. Clayton Fire and Johnston County EMS responded to the scene, as well.

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  1. Yep, 3rd DUI! So tell me, what low life judge kept letting this low, low life go free again and again. The judge should also be charged! I am sick of DUI drivers and they should be charged with 1st Degree murder. Thats the way I feel and no one can change my mind. I feel so bad for the family of the man that was killed. A hard worker killed in the prime of his life by a low life turd.

    • I read he was charged with 3 this year but none of them have verdicts yet. SMH. Unfortunately, the ridiculously slow court system here played a part in this innocent man dying. No reason these cases should get continued for so long. Not one could be considered in his bond bc he is “presumed innocent” SERIOUSLY SUCKS BIG TIME. I hope he rots in prison forever. I agree. I view DWI’s as premeditated as well

  2. “Seydina Ousmane Nidaye” obviously not “of” Clayton. Wonder where he is “of” though. Only 27 and already 3 DUI’s? This should definitely be charged as a premeditated murder, because he knew when he got behind that wheel that there was a good chance he could kill somebody. And look what happened!! He should at the very LEAST be sentenced to life without parole.

  3. I have no sympathy for people who drive with revoked licenses, no insurance, fictitious tags and worst yet – driving while intoxicated. Multiple violations for this man. Corporal punishment seems fair in this case.

  4. Doesnt matter where “he’s” from, its a dui case. In case you’re blind, you are not the only one that lives in johnston county or on this earth!

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