Drug Suspect Tells Police The Pants He Was Wearing Didn’t Belong To Him

SELMA – Two people are facing criminal charges in Selma. On April 13th around 9:51am, Selma Police responded to a home on E. Waddell Street after a 50 year-old woman reported her car had been stolen.

The victim reportedly told police she allowed Ontario Elliott, age 36, of Four Oaks and Molly Elizabeth Grantham, age 27, of Smithfield to sleep in her home overnight April 12 because they didn’t have anywhere to stay. The next morning, she woke up and discovered they were gone, along with her car keys and Acura passenger car.

Selma Police began searching for the stolen Acura and a short time later spotted the vehicle on E. Anderson Street. The officer turned on his blue lights to conduct a traffic stop. The driver, identified as Mr. Elliott, sped up, reaching speeds of 60 mph in a 35 mph zone. The car finally stopped in front of the victim’s home on E. Waddell Street.

Police located a handgun underneath the vehicle and suspected heroin in Elliott’s pants pocket. Other suspected narcotics were found in the car.

Grantham was reportedly found to have suspected narcotics in her purse. She reportedly told police Elliott gave her a handgun before he stopped the car and told her to dispose of it. She allegedly tossed the gun under the car as she exited the passenger side of the car, prior to police approaching.

While being processed at the Selma police station, Elliott allegedly told a detective he borrowed the car and denied handing Grantham a gun, or knowing anything about a firearm in the vehicle.

After the suspected heroin in his pocket field tested positive for opiates/heroin, Elliott reportedly said, “Man these pants aren’t even mine. They are too big for me. I didn’t check the pockets before I put them on, and all those drugs and stuff in the car, they were in there before I even got in the car.”

The handgun located in the car was later reported stolen to Selma Police.

Elliott and Grantham were both charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, motor vehicle theft, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, possession of cocaine, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Elliott was charged with possession of heroin for the suspected illegal substance found in the pants he was wearing. Grantham was charged with a single count of possession of methamphetamine.

Both individuals were held under $130,000 secured bonds at the Johnston County Jail.


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