Dynamite Found In Abandoned Warehouse

A large amount of old dynamite was found in a warehouse Monday afternoon forcing the evacuation of homes within a quarter mile radius and traffic being detoured around the area for several hours.

The explosives were found in an old warehouse on Highway 13 South of Goldsboro. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office evacuated residents until a bomb disposal unit from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base arrived and safely detonated the dynamite.  Because of the large amount of dynamite that was found, Seymour Johnson technicians used two separate explosives to destroy it.

Authorities said they received several calls from people who heard the explosions, which were heard as far away as Seven Springs.  They were reassured by deputies everything was fine.

“I would like to express my utmost appreciation to the Seymour Johnson AFB EOD Unit for their assistance,” stated Sheriff Larry Pierce.” We are very fortunate to have them here in Wayne County. They and other units on the base have always been eager to assist us when requested. They safely moved the dynamite and detonated it with no apparent problems.”

Residents were allowed to return to their homes shortly after 5pm yesterday.