East Clayton Elementary Teacher Named A Super Star

(Left to right) Tracie Zukowski, Johnston Board of Education; Joy Garretson, Chamber Education Committee; Dana Wooten, Clayton Chamber President; Darrella Cavenaugh, C&D Electrical; Kasey Beeson, Super Star Teacher; Martha Stovall, Chamber Education Committee; and Jamie Tyler, East Clayton Principal

The Clayton Chamber of Commerce has recognized Ms Kasey Beeson as the Super Star Teacher for the month for April.  Super Star teachers demonstrate excellence and leadership in their classroom, creativity and motivation of their students and show a high level of commitment to our community.

Ms. Beeson is just beginning her teaching career but beginner doesn’t at all define her.   She teaches with confidence, self-assurance and models excellence daily.  Ms. Beeson’s students feel empowered and important in her classroom and are always striving to reach the next goal.   She works with students both during the school day and after school to make sure they have every opportunity to succeed.

Ms. Beeson enjoys collaborating with her team, leads staff discussions, and creates lessons for her entire grade level.  Interactive lessons and hands-on activities make her classroom exciting and unforgettable.  Ms. Beeson is an inspiration to both students and staff at East Clayton.