Editor Buys Four Oaks-Benson News In Review

Mike Dart, editor of the Four Oaks-Benson News in Review, has bought the newspaper operation.

The Delano family, which has owned it since the early 1950s, sold it to Mr. Dart last Friday.

Dart, who has been with the newspaper 29 years, expressed hopes of keeping the operation at least as successful as it has been and expanding it with community cooperation. He cited no immediate changes.

The Delanos’ company, The County Press, remains in the printing business.

It and the newspaper remain in their existing location at 113 S. Market St. in Benson for now. They also are sharing the existing P.O. Box 9, Benson, N.C. 27504 and fax number, 919-894-1069.

They have divided the telephone numbers. Calls to the newspaper should be made to 919-894-3331. Calls to the printing business should be directed to 919-894-2112.

Lynn Hales remains as advertising manager for the newspaper, which covers southern and western Johnston County.