Elderly Man Defrauded In “Flim Flam” Scam

Police are searching for suspects who deceived an elderly Smithfield man into thinking he needed the trees trimmed in his yard, overcharged, and failed to complete the work. 

The 87 year-old man was standing outside his home recently when he was approached by the individuals who claimed they were doing yard work in the area.

They claimed the elderly victim needed some limbs removed from five trees in his yard.  The suspects convinced the victim to pay them $1,250.  They allegedly removed a few small branches and left with the victim’s money. 

Police said the suspects tricked the victim into thinking he needed the work done when it wasn’t required, and the work performed wasn’t what was promised. Also, the amount charged with exorbitant.  

Smithfield Police Captain R. Sheppard said detectives are following up on several leads in the case. Police would like to hear from anyone else in the community who may have been a possible victim.


  1. After these criminals are tracked down and convicted, a part of their punishment should be to pay this man back his money and community service whereby they complete the work previously promised.

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