Spirited Debate At School Board Meeting

Johnston County school board members Kay Carroll and Ronald Johnson were involved in a spirited discussion during their July 13th meeting.

Carroll said Johnson was critical of the board for not adopting a CRT policy before it was mentioned by Johnston County Commissioners even though Johnson serves on the Policy Review Committee.

Johnson presented a draft policy during the meeting, however an amendment to an existing policy was approved instead.

Chairman Todd Sutton then accused Johnson of saying a CRT policy was not needed then reversing his stance. Johnson corrected Sutton saying an independent policy was needed not an amendment.

Carroll and Johnson also disagreed on a consulting contract discussed in closed session. Johnston County Report will have more on the consulting contract in a future news article.

We reached out to all three board members, Mr. Carroll, Mr. Johnson and Chairman Sutton. All three declined to comment about the verbal dispute.


  1. And the JoCo BOE sh*tshow continues. While they dazzle and confuse you with CRT-nonsense, they’re hoping no one realize that there’s still no fix for our over-crowded, under-performing schools. The fact that these fools keep getting re-elected tells me that their diversionary tactics are working.

  2. So once again I ask…will this school board ever get back to putting the best interests of the kids and parents above their egos and/or personal opinions?! You are all voted into a position by the citizens for one sole purpose and you can’t even do that. I have yet to see any actions match all the campaign rhetoric that is obviously nothing more than telling people what they want to hear. As a wise man once said…if you ever want to see the true character of a person, put them in a position of power.

  3. It’s sh*tty that most of the higher up’s got their position by either the buddy system or by bullying their way into it. It’s very crooked the way that the system runs and leaves doors open for the higher up’s to continue to get salary increases every year while the guys out there actually doing the work is getting dumped on and will never have the opportunity to make anymore. All because others want to pad their pockets

  4. 🔍🧐 – Me, looking in the US Constitution for the section our forefather’s penned thoughtfully describing how the newly formed government should educate our children…..oh yeah, they never wrote that because government should only be large enough to fulfill two jobs…1. protect our God given rights and 2. protect our borders, and yet they can’t manage either…..why would / how could anyone expect Government run education to be a good thing? Now the majority of today’s government educated children won’t know the pledge of allegiance or even what gender they are. At least they will remember to hate white men, right? #SilverLining

    Good job Uncle Sam! 👍👌

    • You misunderstand the US Constitution… Any duties/powers not specific in the US constitution are given to the states. And the NC Constitution *DOES* specifically say that the state has a duty to provide education. Maybe Berger will propose another amendment to end this education requirement.

  5. Ronald Johnson is the only member on this board in favor of parents and the children.
    For crying out loud Sutton you are less and less likable every time you open your mouth! How did you get this position!?

  6. Plain and simple, we don’t need racially divisive programs in education. Approve vouchers, bring back vocational education, and stop pandering to feelings. Teach!!!

  7. Still waiting on Johnson to release this policy he promised to make public. He’s like any politician, all talk.

  8. When are the residents of this county going to let their voices be heard at the polls. We get what we voted for. Time for change.

  9. Kay Carroll: You acted like a 5 year old adamantly trying to explain his point of view while getting no where and fully knowing it, but doing it anyway. Todd Sutton: You are just as bad, and just simply an embarrassment to Johnston County all together. At this point, every one of you should consider why you all are attacking one man. Because it appears that you all are afraid of him. Ronald Johnson has absolutely no problem calling any of you out if need be. He gives some of his salary to teachers. He fully supports teachers, parents, and children, whereas the rest of you don’t seem to. Which leads me to question WHY ARE YOU EVEN ON THIS BOARD?

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