Ellmers Supports Measures Thwarting Terrorist Threats

Renee-Ellmers-InsideOn Wednesday, the House of Representatives Passed two bills to strengthen U.S. border security and to enhance the vetting process of overseas travelers.

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers of Dunn (R-02) voted for the passage of both pieces of legislation – the Southwest Border Security Threat Assessment Act of 2016 and H.R. 4403 – Enhancing Overseas Traveler Vetting Act.

“Yesterday afternoon, the House overwhelmingly passed two measures that will ensure the safety and security of Americans both here and abroad from terrorist threats like ISIS. These measures will strengthen security at our border and improve our ability—and that of our allies’—to watch, screen and target terrorist threats,” Ellmers said

“The first legislation, HR 4482, tightens and strengthens security at our southwest border by requiring the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to prepare a threat analysis for Congress. This analysis is an essential tool to prevent terrorist attacks by detailing potential vulnerabilities along the border and outlining necessary improvements,” Ellmers said.  “The House also passed HR 4403, which authorizes the development of software to assist in thoroughly vetting overseas travelers. This software—to be used by the U.S. and our allies—is a comprehensive approach to thwarting global terrorism by vetting travelers against terrorist watch lists and law enforcement databases.”

Both bills were introduced in February 2016.