EMS Workers Rescue Fawn

Johnston County EMS workers saved the life of a small fawn Thursday night.

Workers at a Benson EMS Station Number 2 in the Overshot Community saw skid marks on US 701 and stopped to investigate.

The crew believed the mother was hit by a car and the fawn was left behind on the edge of the roadway.

The crew placed the fawn in a field behind the EMS station but on Friday morning it hadn’t moved.

EMT Chris McLeod arrived for duty Friday morning and starting researching how to care for fawns.  He located a rehab facility in Lee County that agreed to accept the animal if someone could take it to them in Sanford.

Chris was able to catch the deer and a neighbor offered the use of a dog crate to help with the transport.  The neighbor also drove to a Tractor Supply store to purchase milk replacement for the animal before making its way to Sanford.

These Johnston County EMS workers showed compassion for all lives.