EMS Workers Rescue Fawn

Johnston County EMS workers saved the life of a small fawn Thursday night.

Workers at a Benson EMS Station Number 2 in the Overshot Community saw skid marks on US 701 and stopped to investigate.

The crew believed the mother was hit by a car and the fawn was left behind on the edge of the roadway.

The crew placed the fawn in a field behind the EMS station but on Friday morning it hadn’t moved.

EMT Chris McLeod arrived for duty Friday morning and starting researching how to care for fawns.  He located a rehab facility in Lee County that agreed to accept the animal if someone could take it to them in Sanford.

Chris was able to catch the deer and a neighbor offered the use of a dog crate to help with the transport.  The neighbor also drove to a Tractor Supply store to purchase milk replacement for the animal before making its way to Sanford.

These Johnston County EMS workers showed compassion for all lives.



  1. These are very special EMS workers! Thankful for their efforts in locating a rehab agency in Lee a County and for transporting the little fawn to this location. Also, thankful for the kind neighbor who bought the crate and milk for the fawn to drink prior to being transported to Lee County. Many thanks for their compassion and willingness to help a motherless fawn. How sweet!

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