Feasibility Of Countywide Water And Sewer Authority Being Studied

JOHNSTON COUNTY – Johnston County municipalities are being asked to join a steering committee to study the potential benefits of a countywide water and sewer authority.

In April, County Commissioner Chairman Butch Lawter held a meeting with the Mayors of all Johnston County towns at the Smithfield Town Hall. During the meeting, a consensus was reached to conduct a study on the advantages and disadvantages of a countywide authority versus the current system of water and sewer being handled separately by the County and every municipality.

The Towns are being asked to join a steering committee to study the feasibility. The process will likely take years before any authority is formed, if the towns agreed to any future proposal.

The Town of Smithfield discussed joining the committee to study the idea during their June meeting. The town council agreed to table the decision until their July meeting due to the absence of the Mayor and one town councilman.

Town Manager Mike Scott said the resolution to join the study committee is non-binding, and it would ensure Smithfield has a seat at the table when the discussions take place.


  1. Allowing county commissioners to set water and sewer rates for the whole county and determine where new water and sewer infrastructure and allotments are located sounded like a bad idea. Especially when some commissioners or their families are developers.

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