Filing Period Underway For 2022 Elections

The filing period for 2022 elections in Johnston County opened at 12 Noon today (Monday, December 6th). A number of candidates gathered outside the Johnston County Board of Elections Office in Smithfield to be among the first to file.

Candidate filing is also underway for the Smithfield municipal elections which was delayed this year. Their elections are normally held in November. All four district council seats and the office of mayor are up for election.

These seats are up for election this year.

Incumbent council members Marlon Lee and Travis Scott filed just after noon today.

Also filing were incumbent Clerk of Court Michelle Ball and Register of Deeds Craig Olive. Terry Tippett, Stuart A. Lee and Rick Mercier filed for the Johnston County School Board.

Sheriff Steve Bizzell filed for a new four year term.

The filing period for candidates will remain open through noon on Friday, December 17, 2021. The state primary and Smithfield municipal elections will be held in March 2022.


  1. Where are our list of liberal progressive liberal school board members Mike Wooten, Todd Sutton and Al Byrd at in this long line? Yes Johnston County Voters and Parents where is Todd Sutton and Mike Wooten that has been voting to unmask your kids knowing that by appointing the liberal progressive Al Byrd to this board that there is no way in h*ll those masks are coming off. Parents and Tax Payers do you remember when Todd Sutton was threatening to sue those citizen for talking bad about him on Facebook? Does it really surprise you parents now that the Teachers Unions actually wanted the Department of Justice to have you guys locked up for voicing your freedom of speech now. I have to say that School Board Chairman Todd Sutton was way out in front of using that technique was he not?

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