Firearm Found Inside Student’s Vehicle At Clayton High School

CLAYTON – A student is accused of bringing a firearm onto the campus of Clayton High. On Wednesday, September 20th around 7:30am, a weapon was allegedly discovered inside a student’s vehicle on school property.

Police Chief Greg Tart said the weapon was located by a Clayton High staff member and a Clayton police officer who was assisting with traffic control.

Chief Tart said there was no threat to any students or staff.

The firearm was seized by Clayton Police. The student has been charged by juvenile petition for having a weapon on educational property.


  1. Apparently the kid had been hunting and left it in the car. In plain sight is stupid, but let’s get the details straight before we start jumping to worst-case-assumed conclusions.

      • @John: Another “mistake” by a responsible gun owner, eh? These are the peiple who grow up and have therir weapons “accidentally ” fire or refuse tobsecure their firearms around chuldren. #BeResponsible #ActionsHaveConsequences

  2. We use to take our guns to school in the 80s leave them in the seat in plain sight with the windows down and the keys in the ignition and we never had a problem but and we drove the school buses I guess we were more mature than todays snotty nose brats

    • @Travis: We also drove cars with no seat belts or airbags, and had a higher (nearly 4x) automobile accident mortality rate. I guess our lives weren’t as important as today’s “snotty nose brats,” eh?

    • Travis, your generation is the one who put these rules in place. Maybe it’s you, the geriatric nutjob who is to blame.

  3. Yes please get the facts on this incident. There was no threat, no harm, no anything except an honest mistake that was BLOWN WAY OUT by a Clayton Policeman who wanted to cause a scene! This is why Policeman get bad names. The good ones have to deal with “hot heads” “show offs” and “I have a badge” and I’m quite sure they wouldn’t want anyone to treat their children as they did. It’s called common sense! It’s called “do unto others as you would have them do to you!” Luke 6:31

    • Looks to me like the FACTS are that a student carried a gun to school. Apparently that is a violation of law and was witnessed by a teacher and a police officer…

    • Get the Facts…
      You get the facts..
      What Rock do you still live under?
      You tell us WHY any school child should have a gun at school.
      People like YOU are the biggest part of the problem in today’s society.

  4. Good job to the Clayton Police officer. The child may have forgotten to take the gun out of his truck, or he could have had a darker motive. WE don’t know; however, he did break the law and with all the school shootings going on today we just never know what to expect. The officer was doing his job, and he did it correctly as well as he did it by the book THE LAW) so don’t get mad at him for doing what was the right thing. The days of bringing guns to school are over and for good reason and if the law is for good for one then it is good for all. One last thing, I did not see where it said he used it for hunting or if it was even a riffle or handgun.

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