Firefighters Videotape Rescue Of Kitten Trapped In Storm Drain

Kitten-Rescue-FIClayton firefighters helped rescue a kitten stuck in a storm drain Monday morning.  Around 9 am, Sara Tolley was walking her 4-year-old son Camden to pre-school at Horne Memorial United Methodist Church when he heard the faint cries of what sounded like a little kitten in the storm drain in front of the library. 

As soon as they got to school, they asked  his teacher to call the Clayton Police Department.  Clayton Animal Control Officer Angela Lee responded immediately and knew she needed the help of the Town of Clayton Fire Department.

When fire crews arrived they immediately took off the drain covers and tested the air in the drain as a safety precaution.  Firefighter Daryle Harris went into the storm drain on one side of East Second Street while Captain Mitch Boyette climbed down into the storm drain on the other side of the street, effectively blocking the kitten so it could not go further into the drainage system. Both men then worked to coax the kitten out. Harris eventually was able to bring the cold, wet kitten to the surface and into the arms of Officer Lee.  The kitten’s paw were rubbed raw from its attempts to climb out of the drain.  Lee will work with area rescues to help find a home for the fortunate feline.

With the forecast of heavy rains today, crews knew that drain would have soon been flooded with water.  Everyone was happy to help out and thanked Camden for his sharp ears and call for help.

Video of Kitten Rescue: