First Key To The Town Presented In Archer Lodge

(Left to right) Former Mayor Mike Gordon is presented with the first ever Ceremonial Key to the Town of Archer Lodge by current Mayor Matt Mulhollem.

ARCHER LODGE – The Town of Archer Lodge presented former Mayor Mike Gordon with his retired gavel as well as the first ceremonial key to the town.

Gordon, a lifelong resident of Archer Lodge and twenty-four year veteran of the N.C. Army National Guard Active Guard Reserve, served as mayor from the town’s incorporation in 2009 until January 2018.   He also served and continues to serve in many volunteer capacities including 19 years as a member of the Archer Lodge Volunteer Fire Department, over 30 years as a volunteer for the Archer Lodge Community Center, 14 of which he served as its president.

Gordon is also a volunteer with the establishment of the Archer Lodge Water District and a member of the Archer Lodge Veteran’s Memorial Committee.  He was also an instrumental member of the Archer Lodge Municipal Exploratory Committee, which helped spearhead efforts to incorporate the town.

“The Council and I would like to thank Mike for his outstanding leadership and ongoing commitment to serving our community,” stated current Mayor Matt Mulhollem after the Dec. 3rd presentation.  “We presented Mayor Gordon with his retired gavel in recognition for all that he did for us as the first mayor of our town.   The key to the town is symbolic for all Mike has done for Archer Lodge beyond the scope of his actions as mayor.”

Mayor Pro Tem Clyde Castleberry added, “I grew up with Mike and watching him leave our community for the Army was hard, but now looking back, it’s clear he was being prepared for his duties when he returned home.  He is a hero in Archer Lodge in my book.  His service to his country and community gave him the skill set to become our first mayor, a position at which he did a great job.  Thanks to Mike for leading us for years.”