Food Processing Plant Could Create 96 Jobs

SMITHFIELD – In a 6-to-0 vote, a rezoning request has been approved for a food processing plant near Smithfield. The Smithfield Town Council approved a December 6 request to rezone a 9.04 acre site on Gulf Stream Court from Light Industrial to Heavy Industrial manufacturing.

Steven Sanderson with Sanderson Engineering said the company, Improved Nature, is currently in its seventh year of operation in Garner. Improved Nature plans to open a food processing facility in Smithfield to turn soybeans into meat substitute for edible products.

Sanderson says the company will start with one production line but plans to expand to four lines and operate two shifts, with a potential total of 96 employees, based on demand.

Sanderson said he has already spoken to Johnston County, which has adequate sewer capacity for the plant. The site will be served by Duke Power. The property is within the Town of Smithfield’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) but is within the Wilson’s Mills Fire District.


    • There’s a lot of nuts out there that think eating animals is bad and eat this fake meat crap up. They think a 136 ingredient soy patty is more healthy for you than a 1 ingredient beef patty is, and the moo cows aren’t hurt which is so important.

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