Cost Of Police Station Expansion More Than Doubles

The 3,650 square foot expansion of the Smithfield Police Department will cost more than originally planned. Johnston County Report Photo

SMITHFIELD – Smithfield taxpayers will pay more than double the cost of an initial bid to construct a 3,650 square foot addition to the Police Station on South Fifth Street.

In March 2021, the low bid of $784,571.74 was awarded to APR Restoration & Commercial Development. Town Engineer Bill Dreitzler said at the time the bid would include architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural and civil design, and the construction of an additional parking lot.

Three change orders were made by the Town during the ongoing construction pushing the cost up even further.

APR representatives appeared before the town council in December 2022 asking for an additional $267,022.61 to complete the project. Todd Waddell called it “unprecedented times” for the commercial building industry with inflated construction costs and supply chain problems.

After discussion, Councilman Travis Scott made a motion to approve the request by APR for the additional funds. Councilman David Barbour seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

The total cost of the project has now risen to $1,831,091.49, or just over $501 per square foot, representing a 133 percent increase from the original bid.

For transparency, APR says they will share all invoices with the Town of Smithfield showing the additional funds are going for supplies and materials.

Contractors say the project is still on schedule for completion in late-March 2023. The original police station was built in 1997.


  1. Get ready for more bulls**t DUI checkpoints and victimless traffic stops to pay for this…I mean “for your safety”.

    • You do know that none of the fines from traffic tickets go to the town? If that were the case don’t you think all the big agencies hurting for money would have nothing but traffic teams roaming around stopping cars left and right?

      • That’s actually factually inaccurate. the fine goes right into a local general fund for the local municipality or county. It is then dispersed. Hello- where do you think it will be dispersed!???? Any surcharges or interest from the citation/fine is deposited into a court or law enforcement fund. Can’t argue semantics with someone that happens to do this for a living.

  2. Michael, evidently you do not know where the money goes from those tickets they issue. They DO NOT go back to that department. All that money goes into the State revenue.

  3. They made it clear, Smithfield taxes are going to go up. Also this is not the fault of the Smithfield Police Department, It is the fault of the Town board.

  4. Believe or not, they can Legally hold that Contractor to his bid. This Eliminates Contractors from Bidding Low just to get the Contract when the intend to increase it later.
    The Contractor has to show just cause for an increase, like the cost of materials increased that can be verified.

    • Thank you. That is 100% correct. They need to hold him to his bid He waited until he got knee deep in the project. Not to mention he is being a middle man on the project Maybe the town needs a contractor on staff to play middle man instead of paying another middle man

  5. I would watch APR like a hawk. My house caught fire a few years back and they did the work. Let’s say the quality of work was less than crappy. I hope and pray the Town of Smithfield has inspectors through on every step of the build as corners will be cut so the corporates at APR get their big pay day. Doesn’t surprise me the cost suddenly went up, that seemed to happen a lot with my house.

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