Garner Applebee’s Welcomes Marissa

The next time you visit Applebee’s in Garner you may see Marissa Herzig.  Marissa was referred to Johnston County Industries (JCI) for work adjustment training.

Sarah Bain an Employment Specialist with JCI assisted Marissa with her job search. Upon visiting the Applebee’s in Garner, Sarah met with Ronnie Robinson the General Manager, and he agreed to interview Marissa. After her interview, he immediately hired her as a cleaner in the restaurant.

“Sarah assisted Marissa and has been awesome! She has been with Marissa during her work days and pointed things out to her, so Marissa learns, and she gets better every day,” Robinson said. “With Marissa working here, things have been consistent, which has allowed me to take tasks off of my plate and I know on her work days that Marissa is on time and gets the job done.”

“She keeps the restaurant clean. Marissa is very thorough and that helps out a lot. Working with JCI is something I recommend to employers in search of good employees”, said Mr. Robinson.

“I knock on the door and clock in. I get my cleaning spray and cloths. I dust the whole restaurant by myself. I like the people who work here, and Mr. Ronnie is cool, and everybody is too. I like my job at Applebee’s”, said Marissa.

Sarah Bain, Employment Specialist added, “Marissa has been a joy to work with. She learned her tasks very quickly and loves to be an independent worker. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with Marissa to help her succeed. JCI helps so many people in the community, clients, and employers.  I enjoy being able to make such a positive impact on the community and the lives of the people we serve.”