Town Votes To Allow Higher Signs Along I-95 Corridor

Businesses along the I-95 corridor in the Smithfield city limits can now have higher signs.

In 2015, a zoning amendment was adopted by the Smithfield Town Council that set the maximum height of high-rise signs at 50 feet.  In a unanimous vote this month, the council agreed to increase the maximum high-rise sign height to 100 feet for single tenant business identification signs. The signs must be within 660 feet of the I-95 right of way.

There are currently 11 permitted high-rise signs along I-95 near the Brogden Road and US 70 interchanges.

The increase will allow businesses along the I-95 corridor to install higher signs on their property to attract more customers off the interstate.

Tony Nixon, Chairman of the East Smithfield Improvement Organization, asked town officials to keep all future high rise signs permitted a uniform height, design and style so they won’t become an eyesore.