Gas Prices Drop Below $2 Gallon

Regular unleaded gasoline was selling for $1.99 a gallon Friday at Ronnie’s Country Store in Four Oaks. WTSB Photo

Gasoline prices in the local area have fallen below $2 a gallon.  Some experts say prices could go even lower.

The price we pay at the pump is down because of the lower price of oil.  On Friday, the AAA Fuel Gauge Report indicated the national average for gas was $2.36 per gallon.  A year ago the average was $3.42 a gallon. In North Carolina, the state average is $2.16 a gallon down from $3.33 a year ago. 

The prices are the lowest since 2004.  Motorists are now saving about $15 to $25 each time they fill up their car or truck.  According to AAA and government reports, lower fuel prices saved drivers in the US $418 million over the Labor Day weekend alone. 

The end of the summer driving season is also a driving force behind the lower prices.  But it still pays to shop around. While we found prices as low as $1.98 a gallon on Friday, at least one store was selling gas at $2.29 a gallon.