Good Samaritans Save Father And Infant Son From Fiery Car Crash

Its not every day that you get to save somebody’s life. Thanks to two complete strangers, a father and his infant child are alive because of their heroic efforts after they drove up on a fiery car crash on a rural northern Johnston County road.

The driver of a red Pontiac Firebird said he was traveling on Earpsboro Road around 4:30pm Sunday when he saw an oncoming SUV swerving across both lanes and was forced to take evasive action. His car and the SUV sideswiped as they passed. Both vehicles ran off the roadway.  The SUV struck a tree and burst into flames.   A car seat with a baby inside had been partially ejected from the burning SUV with the male driver still trapped inside.

Within seconds, a passing Middlesex firefighter and a second passing motorist stopped. The firefighter quickly took control of the scene, grabbed the infant from the car seat and handed him to the Pontiac driver involved in the collision telling him to take care of the baby until EMS arrived.

The fireman empted two small fire extinguishers on the burning SUV but the flames did not subside.  The injured driver was able to push himself to the passenger side window of the burning SUV where his two rescuers were able to pull him to safety just before flames completely engulfed the vehicle.

The Corinth Holders Fire Department arrived and doused the flames.  EMS transported the baby and adult victim to WakeMed. The driver of the Pontiac was not hurt.

Had it not been for the two Good Samaritans who stopped to assist the accident victims they likely would have died.

The NC Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash. Initial reports indicate the SUV driver may have been impaired. Charges are pending.

The names of the accident victims and the Good Samaritans was not available at press time.