Grand Jury Indicts Former School Resource Officer And His Wife, A Former Public School Teacher

JOHNSTON COUNTY – A Johnston County Grand Jury has indicted a former Johnston County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer and his wife, a Johnston County Public Schools teacher. Both had worked at Corinth Holders High School until allegations against the couple surfaced in May 2022.

On Monday, Jan. 23, a Grand Jury in Smithfield returned a True Bill of Indictment against Michael Medlin and his wife, Ami Medlin. Both were indicted on three charges each: taking indecent liberties with a student, first degree sexual exploitation of a minor, and sexual servitude. The charges involved the same victim, a former student at Corinth Holders High.

The alleged offenses took place in 2015 and 2016 while Deputy Medlin was a school resource officer and his wife was a Johnston County school teacher. At the time of the incidents, the victim was under age 18.

The indictments followed a NC SBI investigation requested last year by the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office.

In May 2022, we first reported, Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell fired Deputy Medlin following an internal investigation into allegations of an inappropriate relationship with two alleged victims. Medlin was terminated May 23, 2022. Ami Medlin was suspended May 16, 2022 by Johnston County Schools.

Monday’s indictments allege the former deputy and school teacher “…took indecent liberties with the victim who was a student…” The indictment also stated, “The defendant took indecent liberties with the student victim by: willfully taking and attempting to take immoral, improper, or indecent liberties with the student victim for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire; and by willfully committing and attempting to commit lewd and lascivious acts upon and with the body and any part of member of the body of a student victim.”

The court documents further allege the couple did “… knowingly subject and maintain another person/victim, in sexual servitude by engaging in sexual activity with the person/victim… for which a thing of value was directly and indirectly given, promised to and received by, the person/victim, and which conduct was induced and obtained by coercion and deception and that was performed and provided by the person/victim….”

In 2022, authorities said there were two possible alleged victims. The Grand Jury indictments handed down Monday were charges for offenses involving one victim. No further information was available.

Ami Medlin was a Family and Consumer Science Teacher at Corinth Holders High. She resigned from her position June 20, 2022.

At last report, Mike and Ami Medlin had not been formally arrested on the felony indictments.

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  1. I don’t believe any of this. I say this having known them for many years I don’t buy these allegations; Not even a little. And I know all about how we don’t really know people or what goes on in their homes. But this is absurd. Unreal how the witch hunts happen in Joco and other easily proven crimes don’t get investigated Nothing will change as long as we keep voting the same DA and Sheriff in.

    • Considering this wasn’t investigated by the same old DA or Sheriff but by the NC SBI you can say you don’t believe it but a Grand Jury was convinced enough to return a true bill of indictment. And the Grand Jury is a large pool of people from all over the county serving as a jury so again I don’t see what the DA or Sheriff has to do with them either.

  2. Not arrested yet?!! The poor victims will be traumatized for life and these scumbags get arrested when they are ready.. BS

  3. Whats happening in this county ! County commissioner indicted for child molestation, deputy sheriff and teacher wife charged, also at the same school recently the entire EC special needs staff fired or resigned for assaulting special needs children! School board member fired for bad behavior and lack of professionalism. All coming unraveled, who is on watch Johnston county residents? You better get involved, and stop being distracted by the white noise. Wake up and love your God and your fellow man. Maybe, just maybe, God will have mercy on us. Sfc Jones USA retired.

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