School Resource Officer And His Wife, A Public School Teacher, Under Investigation By NC SBI

A Johnston County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer and his wife, a Johnston County Public Schools teacher, are both under criminal investigation for allegedly having inappropriate relationships with students.

The two alleged victims are believed to be students or former students at Corinth Holders High School where the resource officer and his wife worked. The resource officer was fired this week. His wife was suspended by the school system last week amidst a NC State Bureau of Investigation.

Deputy Mike Medlin was terminated from his position on Monday, May 23, by Sheriff Steve Bizzell. Deputy Medlin’s wife, Ami Medlin, was suspended Monday, May 16 from her teaching position at Corinth Holders High by Johnston County Public Schools Human Resources.

The NC SBI is reportedly investigating the allegations. The date when the alleged incidents reportedly occurred have not been made public.

Under the NC Public Records Law, The Johnston County Report obtained a copy of the Termination of Employment letter given to Deputy Medlin by Sheriff Steve Bizzell on May 23.

Sheriff Steve Bizzell stated in the letter to Deputy Medlin, “I have reviewed information with regard to the administrative investigation which I directed to be commenced after being informed of allegations that you had engaged in an improper and inappropriate relationship with a person who was a student at the high school where you had served as a deputy sheriff-school resource officer. The investigation showed your improper conduct and established the basis for action that in my discretion I have determined should be taken.”

“During the investigation, you denied the impropriety of the relationship, asserting that your connection to the student about who you were first asked, was merely a normal SRO-student friendship, but ultimately you admitted that you had provided the student access to your home and your bedroom, and that the student had actually been in bed with you and your wife to “watch movies.” You also acknowledged having the student in your home while he was intoxicated and that he had been involved with your family.”

“You also admitted that you had allowed other students to be in your home, first asserting that one of the young female students had been a babysitter for your children. But when you were confronted with a known photograph showing the female in the bed in your master bedroom, you claimed that you did not know or recall her, despite that student admitting to having been in your home.”

“You also denied having communications through social media or otherwise with any of those involved former students, but later when confronted, admitted to having communications with the former student who primarily made the allegations against you.”

“These occurrences, among others, have led to the conclusion that you have been untruthful in this investigation and that you have failed to discharge your duty of truthfully cooperating in an internal investigation.”

Sheriff Bizzell wrote, “After consideration of all of these factors and your employment with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, I have concluded that continuing your employment with this agency is not consistent with the standards that I have set for deputies of the Sheriff of Johnston County and, particularly for, but not limited to, those who hold a position of special trust as School Resource Officer and deputy sheriff positions, and accordingly, who act, in effect, as spokesmen and policy makers for the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office. I have concluded that your continued employment with this agency will interfere with the appropriate, proper, efficient and effective administration of the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, and, therefore, that you should be discharged.”

“For these reasons, I have decided to, and I hereby, notify you of your discharge from your employment with this agency, effective immediately,” Sheriff Bizzell stated in the May 23, 2022 letter.


Deputy Medlin’s wife, Ami Medlin, is a Family and Consumer Science Teacher at Corinth Holders High. She was suspended May 16, 2022 pending the completion of an internal investigation by JCPS.

In an email Thursday afternoon, Sheriff Bizzell said, “The former deputy has been discharged from employment as a School Resource Officer and as a Johnston County Deputy. At this point, I am not able to make further comment… I would refer you to the District Attorney’s Office and/or the SBI.”

Assistant District Attorney Paul Jackson said the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office did request the SBI to investigate allegations of inappropriate interactions between Mr. and Mrs. Medlin and a former student. “Due to the pending investigation, I can not comment further,” Mr. Jackson said today.

A spokesperson for the NC SBI released this statement, “On May 17, 2022, the SBI was requested by the District Attorney to investigate Mike Medlin, a school resource officer with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office and his wife, Ami Medlin, a teacher at Corinth Holders High School involving allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a former student. The investigation is ongoing. No additional information is available.”

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  1. They BOTH were having inappropriate relationships with students at the same time? WTH! Was this some kind of depraved cuckoldry situation? Good lord that’s vile. Glad it was found out now, we do NOT need these people around kids.

  2. What will it take for parents to finally get it?! Get your kids out of public education. It is nothing but a cesspool of power hungry politicians, activists, and perverts who want to corrupt these kids. Whether it’s home schools, private schools, or online courses, it’s time to privatize education.

    • I 100% agree! It seems the schools are getting worse by the day. So glad we decided to homeschool 2 years ago.

    • Just curious, how would privatizing education fix this problem. If we shut down public schools, who do you imagine the private schools would hire to teach their students?

      • More stringent standards. Public schools always have the “lowest common denominator” factor to consider.

        More importantly, if we really want to improve public schools, it’s gotta happen with the parents. Parents need to believe again they are responsible for their children’s educational outcomes, and not the school or the state. The state just facilitates, but the burden of results happens at home.

    • Can “Michael” show me examples of successful countries with no public school system? Is America a failing country since we have so much crime or does the heated rhetoric only apply to public schools?

  3. It’s time for a full audit of Johnston county schools, done by an outside agency. A survey of student past and present, employees past and present. Reported sexual assaults over the Last 10 years, inappropriate behavior of staff and students, all criminal behavior reported to administrators and not reported to law enforcement. As when my granddaughter assault in the second grade at riverdale elementary. This information needs to be made public so taxpayers can evaluate this school system. I’m also sending this request to the Governor’s office. SFC JONES USA RETIRED

  4. Please all students and employees of Johnston county schools, see something, say something. Pull the covers back on Johnston county schools unreported sexual assaults, sexual harassment and other deviant behavior by our Johnston county staff and police officers. We need a public audit, we can’t count on our school board to be transparent to its constituents. SFC JONES USA RETIRED

    • You have to give the moderator time. Your posts are not the only ones on JOCO Report that have to be screened. If you are retired military, you must know about waiting your turn.

  5. I don’t buy it. The Medlin’s are good people. Known em over 40 years. Something is fishy here

    • Because all child predators are loner individuals who have no friends or family who have creepy mustaches and wear thick glasses.

    • I agree , she babysat me and my family my whole childhood and I’m 35. He was fired bc he lied and she is only suspended. Like I said before, their kids went to the same school and the students/former students are friends of their kids. This story is bs and baseless. It says nothing about any sexual activity. Everyone is just ready to jump to conclusions and reporters don’t report the whole truth.

  6. There kids went to the school …& these students were friends of their kids… these are allegations … NOT CRIMINAL CHARGES!!!

    • Still doesn’t explain why there are pics in bed with the victims. Friends or not you don’t let teenagers in your bedroom let alone your bed. Common sense.

  7. This is repulsive. What’s worse is there are sick people defending them.. don’t you think they had proof when they fired them!?!

  8. In this day and age I think is inappropriate to allow your child to stay with faculty. If our kids are friends I do not mind if they spend the night in our home but, absolutely not will she spend the night over at yours. As a concerned parent you have the right to refuse to allow them over at my home. If they are such good people or their kids are friends, why would he deny even knowing the student? On another note whether public or private perverts and pedophiles are EVERYWHERE unbeknownst to many of us.

  9. The JOCO school system is broken from the top down. From the embattled corrupt school board with all their well publicized issues to the liberal ideology that many of the teachers cram down our kids throats, to this SRO that was placed there to protect the students. Even worse we have an SRO and Teacher here working in consort to sexually exploiting students…. and what were the students ages?? How far did the depravity really go???.

  10. This happens in private schools, home schools and churches. The abused sometime become the abusers. These two adults can’t use lack of knowledge or youth to excuse their behavior.Our choices have consequences.

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