Highway Patrol Unveils New Helicopters

The State Highway Patrol unveiled the addition of two new Bell 407 helicopters today (Tuesday) to assist in the Patrol’s lifesaving mission.  The event held at the SHP’s Aviation Unit hanger in Raleigh showcased the needed upgrade to the Patrol’s Aviation fleet before distinguished guest and media invitees.

Although these new helicopters are a part of the SHP, the majority of the missions conducted are for agencies other than the State Highway Patrol.  Year after year, 80%-85% of the Highway Patrol’s missions are for local agencies that need help in finding missing persons to include the search for missing children.

“As the needs associated with providing public safety have advanced, upgrades to the equipment used to meet those needs must be continually assessed,” said Colonel Glenn McNeill, commander of the SHP.  “The aircraft on display here today possess extremely sophisticated technology that can be used to save lives, protect communities and deter criminal behavior.”

The two new units are completely operational and ready to begin serving the people of North Carolina.