JCPS Statement On Indictment Of Board Member

SMITHFIELD – The Johnston County Board of Education released a statement Monday evening following the indictment of board member Ronald Johnson on five felony charges.

The statement reads:

The media has reported that Mr. Ronald Johnson, a member of the Johnston County Board of Education, was charged earlier today after a Grand Jury indicted him on several charges related to his role on the School Board. At this time, the Board has no comment or additional information regarding the criminal charges against Mr. Johnson. Instead, the Board of Education wishes to express its continued commitment to governing the schools efficiently and effectively, consistent with all laws and policies. The Board’s top priority is, and always will be, to ensure that high-quality teaching and learning occurs in our schools for the benefit of all students, staff, and the families of Johnston County.


  1. Lol. Donovan and Michelle when are you gonna release your statement backing him up. The board needs to be voted out especially those that took up for him

  2. Us dedicated conservative voters will continue to fight to unseat the closet progressive liberal democrats that are exposing our children to the pedofile grooming techniques that they call transgender and LBGTQ rights. Johnston County voters remember we have to remove Lyn “Ma”Andrews, $180-K-Carroll and Mike “Pastor” Wooten, they have been positively identified as closet far-left Democrats by thier own actions and we can’t allow them to do anymore harm to our children!

  3. I honestly can’ remember the last time the school board did anything that helped the children, it always seems they are so absorbed in what they have going on to even have enough time to think about the kids. My question is why isn’t there a stipulation that to be on the school board you have to have a child currently enrolled in the schools? Would seem that would make them care more about the kids and less about what they want or their agenda. The kids shouldn’t be the last link in the chain, they should be the first.

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