JCPS Takes Action Against Teacher Who Refuses To Wear Mask

Aurora Preston

FOUR OAKS – A Johnston County high school teacher who refuses to wear a mask is speaking out about her stance and how Johnston County Public Schools has responded. Aurora Preston was looking forward to her sixth year as an English teacher at South Johnston High School. But things suddenly changed when she reported for the first teacher workday of the new school year. Aurora declined to wear a mask inside the school. Even with a medical exemption (which she does not have), officials reportedly told her, she would still be required to wear a plastic face shield. She said no.

Aurora and her husband, Joe Preston, of Wilson’s Mills spoke with Johnston County Report about what happened next.

“My wife refused to wear a face covering. She was told to go to your room and close the door. She was told (by administration) I don’t know if you are allowed in the building without a mask, that it was not an individual school decision and they had to call HR (Human Resources),” Joe Preston said.

“She was isolated for 3-1/2 hours in her room. The Principal came to her room and said he had spoken to his HR contact and was told she needed to go home. She was required to take a personal day that day, even though she had been at school all day. She was told to call HR from home and apply for a medical exemption or take nine weeks of unpaid leave. She was not terminated and still employed, but for the first quarter, after 9 weeks, it would be reevaluated. We are now having to pay for health insurance out of our own pocket,” Mr. Preston stated.

“They said they would send us the paperwork (for unpaid leave). I asked them to please send the policy that states this is the punishment for not wearing a mask. I told them we are not signing until we see a mask policy. I want to see a copy of a policy to enforce this type of action.”

Mr. Preston said Johnston County Public Schools Human Resources later emailed them a link to the NC Public Schools Policy Handbook June 2015 edition and was told to read the contagious disease section.

Aurora has approximately 30 days of vacation and sick days accumulated but was told by JCPS she could not use that time.

“I don’t blame the administration at South Johnston. They don’t know what to do. I blame the Health Board who gave this guidance to the school board, who voted on these guidelines. We are a two income household. We are losing that income and health insurance because of a system that waited until July 29th to have a vote on it, then waited 12 days later to vote on it when it wasn’t on the agenda. The principal didn’t know what to do. HR doesn’t have anything.”

It is such an absolute train wreck
“It is such an absolute train wreck. There are going to be other teachers who are going to be doing this. There are hundreds of kids who are going to be pulled out of school (because of the mask mandate). Our message isn’t to tell anyone you can’t wear a mask or get vaccinated. You go ahead and do it. We just don’t want anyone to tell us what to do,” Mr. Preston said.

Aurora Preston stands by her decision not to wear a mask in school. “I love what I do when it’s about connecting with and educating the students. They are amazing and always end up teaching me something too. The school board flipped their decision last minute to mandate masks for all students and staff right before teacher workdays started. I stand with educating myself and utilizing that to make informed decisions. Therefore, I have chosen to forego a mask in my daily life.”

“I entered school … and was immediately asked to put a mask on by Administration. I told him we should probably talk about that. I informed him that I am choosing to not wear any face coverings. He immediately said that is an HR issue and he had no choice but to send me to my classroom until we heard something. I feel like I should have just been sent home at that point.”

“I was emailed by (HR) offering me a medical exemption which is not what I wanted. I was then directed that my only option was to take nine weeks leave without pay.”

It’s not about educating children but following ‘guidelines’

An undated photo of Aurora Preston outside her classroom at South Johnston High School. Contributed photo

“This is where I am at today. No word. No work. No pay. No nothing. All I know is that it’s not about educating children but following ‘guidelines’. And it seems if I’m not following there is nothing in place to warrant the punishment received,” Aurora said.

Superintendent, school board member response

In an email Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy said, “Johnston County Public Schools will not comment on confidential personnel matters. As you know, the Johnston County Board of Education voted at their August meeting to require all students, staff, and guests to wear face coverings inside all JCPS facilities and forms of transportation. The face covering requirement is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, the NC Department of Health and Human Services, and our local health department. Any individual who feels as if they need an accommodation to the face covering requirement should request an Accommodation Form, which can be provided by their administrator, and have it completed by their medical provider.”

Aurora Preston waived her confidential personnel rights to allow the JCPS board to respond to our story. Chairman Todd Sutton did not respond to our request for a comment. Board member Ronald Johnson did respond.

“First, we should thank Mrs. Preston and every other employee of Johnston County Schools. Mrs. Preston is making a choice and sacrifice to stand up for what she feels is the right thing to do. No matter if you agree or disagree with her, she is still a school teacher who has made the difference in the lives of children,” Mr. Johnson said.

Mrs. Preston deserves a choice. The people who disagree with Mrs. Preston deserve a choice. I think the only people in the wrong in this situation are the ones in elected positions, that includes myself. As leaders, or a governing body, we should have been searching for solutions to accommodate everyone.”

“When COVID started I came up with a plan that would sort and pair teachers with families who felt the same way about virtual and in person learning. I feel the same could be done for a mask or no mask scenario. It would be a site by site basis. That would mean a tremendous amount of logistical considerations. I get it, you can’t develop a plan like this overnight, but I sincerely believe in giving people what they want or what they feel is right for their family,” Johnson stated.

“I’m certain not many people will buy into developing different sites for different choices. Simply, it will take a lot of work and no one wants to compromise until they don’t get their way. I proposed the idea of choice and sorting into different sites last year when we were discussing Plan A, B, or C. I still think it is a good idea.”

“Mrs. Preston my personal message to you is thank you. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in, and doing it within the rules, and most of all being respectful. We will find a way and get back to normal.”

“Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has advocated for their beliefs in a polite and respectful manner. How we treat each other, especially those we disagree with, says a great deal about who we are as an individual and collective group,” Mr. Johnson said Monday.

The Preston’s said they’ve been sent photos of visitors and staff on the South Johnston campus without masks. To their knowledge, none have been punished or ask to wear a face covering.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help Aurora and Joe Preston and their family with the loss of income and out-of-pocket health insurance costs.


    • We do need more of them to stand up this way….and the students too. If enough of them ignore the anti-science diktats from the totalitarian government boards and politicians then our freedom and liberty can again be restored. Oh, and the freedom to be correct in the science could be restored as well.

    • Many other will take advantage of the situation and abuse the “gofundme” for money without work. This is stupid and irresponsible for the children. How can you leave the kids in classroom where teachers and staff meet them unmasked and unvaccinated? You want the kids to get infected and die?

  1. Aurora Preston put on your government approved burqa (mask) or the stones awaits for you in public education system . By orders of the miserable failure flip-flopping Lynn Andrews and $180-K-Carroll.

  2. I hope all the teachers stand up for their rights against this commie agenda! Teachers… stand up and fight for your rights! Parents… pull your kids and/or stand up for your rights! This won’t stop at masks, next will be mandatory vax to go to school… we are Nazi germany where we have to show our papers to receive services!

  3. Go get another job if you don’t like the requirements for this job. There are plenty of other job opportunities out there at this time. Good luck in your new future career!

    • A gofundme for someone who is freely choosing to not go to work? Give me a break. She has the right not to wear a mask, she has the right to find a job that doesn’t require that. If she wants to teach, the rules apply for everyone. It’s not rocket science. Setting up a gofundme is absurd. No catastrophe has fallen upon this person. It is a making of their own doing and own choices.

      • The gofundme was not started by her or her family. It was organized by a group of parents who are happy to see a teacher finally standing up for our children’s right to breathe in school!

        • Lise, you must be blind or illiterate. The GoFundMe was set up by her husband. She does not deserve this money for sitting on her butt doing nothing. She should not even be getting nine weeks off without pay, she should have been fired on the spot. Being required to wear a mask is just like any other work or school policy such as a dress code. If she does not want to follow the policy then she should be terminated for insubordination. I would not want this woman teaching my kids.

    • The blue masks are evidently not effective at all….read the side of the box where it says will not protect from viruses, the lawyers don’t put that on something that would work for a virus.

    • Go find a credible source other than you going to google or yahoo and sharing the first article that comes up. You clearly do not have a medical background at all. Mask are actually very effective.

      • Masks do not work. Otherwise we wouldn’t need “vaccines”. But those vaccines don’t work either🤭. Just ask Rev. Jesse Jackson about that.

      • AGREED! Our best defense – based on MEDICAL EXPERTS that have MD or PhD degrees – is to get vaccinated. Had Ms Preston gotten vaccinated along with so many others, the variants would not have the chance to develop and maybe we could be closer to normal. This is INFECTIOUS DISEASE101. It is NOT politics. It’s great Ms Preston’s immune system is great. But many you are around may not have great immune systems so do the SELFLESS thing & get vaccinated. If you want to teach, you will likely have to wear a mask. Your choice mask or financial struggles that are of your own doing. GIVE ME A BREAK!

        • If the masks work so well how come pelosi didn’t wear one or have her guests wear one at her expensive party this weekend? If the masks and vaccines work so well why aren’t the illegal aliens crossing our border and then being transported throughout the US (including our own state) required to wear one/have one? If the masks and vaccines work so well why aren’t all the Afghanistan nationals being brought to the US required to wear one/have one? The mask and vax policy only appears to be for the US citizens but those who are invading our country with the help of our government are free to do as they wish! Wake up and see the tyranny and hypocrisy! If they can control us with masks and vax they know they can control us with more later.

  4. Maybe she should try teaching kids what following rules means instead of telling a lie to prove a point? Why would she file for a medical exemption when she CLEARLY stated that she was only not wearing a mask out of personal preference? Also, if she cares so much for these kids then why not try to help to keep them protected and lead by example instead of being a distraction and looking for pity from the public? I hope these “free” thinkers stay at home and don’t show up to overcrowd the hospitals if they get infected!

    • And with that logic I hope you don’t show up to overcrowd the hospitals with a car accident if you don’t wear a seatbelt! Stupid logic! The constitution and God give us freedom to make informed choices. She is not using the medical exemption as the article stated, the exemption is what the county wanted her to do.

      • Nice try. No this is not about a person not wearing a seat belt and getting into an ACCIDENT. This is about a person who INTENTIONALLY goes against the CDC, Local Health department and her own employer to INTENTIONALLY put peoples children at risk and then running to the media for attention! The mask protects others around you. So while the kids are protecting her..She’s choosing to possibly endanger them because she doesn’t care! My logic on the hospital is that with people like her walking around not wanting to try to care for others..I’m sure her circle of friends and family(husband) parade around much the same..So if they DO contract it from one another..Stay home and wrap up snuggly in your freedom flags and search the web for yahoo blogs to get you over it!

      • I’m sorry but this situation frustrates me. Teachers are there to TEACH. In my personal opinion, she should be ashamed of herself and reprimanded for bringing her political agenda INSIDE our schools!!! After last year’s fiasco, these kids NEED face to face instruction. Our schools are already short staffed and struggling. If she was really looking forward to going back to school like she said, she should have been focusing on the needs of her new students coming to middle school for the first time during a pandemic and getting them caught up academically. Instead, she chose to publicize her role as a teacher to demonstrate that ignoring rules of authority is okay if you don’t agree with them. Is this what we want to TEACH our future work force?!?
        As a JCPS employee, she knew her rebellion would more than likely keep her out of the classroom and draw negative attention to our district. Her selfish act now left her students without a permanent teacher, potentially creating or increasing their anxieties with the unknowns this year will undoubtedly bring.

        You have the RIGHT not to wear a mask. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to follow the rules of your employer. You have the CHOICE to work elsewhere if you do not agree to your employer’s rules.

        FOR YEARS we have had rules, regulations, and laws requiring seatbelts, helmets, bulletproof vests, handwashing, masks, vaccines, etc.. I could argue how any of these examples could violate the freedom of CHOICE.

        Requiring a mask during a pandemic is NOT a method of government control, it’s a method of PUBLIC HEALTH and SAFETY.

    • Where did you read that she stated she had a medical exemption or was seeking one? I didn’t see that in this article. They mentioned that if that was her reasoning, then she had a pathway to do so. Apparently, they are operating under the assumption that she needs another reason rather than her personal choice. The school board doesn’t have any business implementing guidelines or mandates on medical issues, they’re not doctors. R U? BTW, I think you should correct the record and apologize for calling her a liar.

      • I stand corrected. She didn’t want the medical exemption. Now..What is her Idea of “last minute”? She had over a week to go to Walmart or CVS and pickup a mask. This is ALL a bunch of attention seeking and dramatics being played out to go against the mask mandate. The government and school board are not trying to steal your freedom. They are using the best measures possible at this point to save lives. So again.. I’ll take back calling her a liar and replace it with calling her SELFISH for not going by the guidelines set by the health department and CDC to save lives in favor of crying the blues about her not getting her way! I also don’t see how you people don’t trust the health department and CDC when it comes to protective measures..but are quick to run down to the hospital to seek the guidelines they set for the treatment when you get sick! She should be FIRED!

        • Much like a nancy pelosi was using best practices and following guidelines from the cdc when she held her party this weekend with hundreds of people and the only ones required to wear masks and socially distance were the wait staff! Yeah the guidelines are for the peons not the elite cause they are too good for that! These guidelines are meant for control only!

    • She is endangering EVERYONE around her especially students! Go fund me page? Looking for pay day is obvious. Sad

  5. Was Mrs. Preston not informed of the mask policy before showing up for work? I’m sure she is a great teacher and is a loss for the children not to have as a teacher. That said I’m sure her expectation for the classroom is to follow instructions and to comply with regulations.
    She was even given a choice of face covering and I agree with Mr. Johnson that we need solutions to accommodate everyone – I know it can be important to stand your ground and demonstrate your rights although in this difficult time it there can also be a good lesson in compromise.
    Bottom line is we need to make sure everyone is being as safe as possible while we learn our way through this pandemic.

  6. What “medical condition” given her apparent age and body type does she feign to have that prevents her from placing a cloth mask over her nose and mouth? I wonder if we will see her in the news for insurance fraud at some point in the future.

    But yeah, I am sure a bunch of people will “stand with her.” You know, the Trump Mob who wants to see more school-aged kids in the hospital this fall. Look at the case numbers, and where they are happening (schools, among the kids). What about the 16 year old who just died from COVID down east?

    Ms. Preston likes to “connect with her students.” Soon, she will have fewer students to “connect with” because she is helping them into the hospital where they will be less able to learn than if she had simply covered her face.

    • Show me the Randomized Controlled Trial which demonstrates irrefutably that masks are effective at preventing or even slowing the spread of respiratory viruses.

      I’ll wait.

      • I’ll do you one better. The mask on the shelf instead of on your face is 100% ineffective! Now put the dang mask on and let’s get healthy!!

        • And the mask on the shelf says it doesn’t protect against coronavirus so it’s just as good on the shelf as on your face.

  7. Imagine being so desperate for attention that you replace having a personality or achievement, with a stance against a facemask. I am so glad that my child doesn’t have any instructors who lack the wisdom to see how ridiculous it is to lose your livelihood and access to healthcare over a political stance on something as petty as a darn mask. I’m so glad to finally see this “nO sTeP oN sNek!” cult of personality begin to eat itself so the rest of us normal people can resume our normal lives.

    Imagine if construction workers refused to wear steel toed boots and hard hats because they were uncomfortable. Because it’s a direct equivalency. Treat these blowhards the exact same way. Maybe there’s a snowflake job somewhere else they can do so they don’t melt under the extreme pressure of a piece of fabric.

    • False equivalency. Steel toed boots ACTUALLY prevent you from getting harm. Face masks, especially the blue one everyone wears, is only 10% effective according to a study from the University of Waterloo in Canada. So “listen to the science”!!!

      • Steel toed boots absolutely do not protect you 100% of the time. They are PPE that’s designed to mitigate risk as part of a safety plan. Any individual piece of PPE on it’s own is not an effective safety protocol. But as part of a larger working plan (shock protection, fall protection, visible work clothing, etc), they can virtually eliminate workplace injuries. Quitting because ONE METHOD doesn’t work is just loser mentality. Winners put in the work. Winners do what it takes. But alas, that’s our country today, the selfish, snowflake, cancel culture, where everyone’s voice is supposed to matter. Protip: If you don’t understand why things are policy, just listen to your boss so you get a paycheck and on the weekends, tell someone who cares. It’s a shame the days of men being men and just putting their noses on the grindstone are seemingly over. Everyone’s an expert.

      • Oh, well, good news for normal people I guess. The mRNA vaccine is now widely approved globally, even by the FDA which has a prohibitively rigorous process for approval. Kudos for pointing that out. I guess the normies will all rest well tonight thanks to you chief.

        • Rigorous? Lol do your research then report back on how rigorous when the vax hasn’t even been out for 1 year, has more fatalities associated with it then all other vaccines combined over 30 years and has never completed a safety trial because it is still ongoing with those being injected.

          • Research risks of catching Covid vs risks of getting a vaccine. Report back to us with numbers and a link for sourcing. Please if you have information that can save lives, provide it.

          • Dying with covid is different then dying FROM covid. Every person going into the hospital is tested with a faulty recalled test that can’t distinguish between the flu and a cold, if they are asymptomatic but test positive, are there for and unrelated to covid reason but die they are marked as a covid death even though it played no role in their reason for admit. Padding the numbers to get paid more and make the death count higher to induce more fear.

          • Your link sends us to a page proclaiming the Pfizer vaccine is FDA approved.

            America approved. Why are you so anti American that you need to wait for North Korea and the rest of the world to agree? Do you trust Afghanistan and Russia and China more than America? Stop being so anti American.

  8. Every where we go their are policy’s and rule to follow. Some are appropriate to stand against but when we are talking about health, life and death of ourselves and others then we should not have a selfish mentality. I don’t like wearing the mask but it’s not just about me and what I want.
    Mr. Ronald Johnson’s plan would only promote segregation and that is a dangerous and oppressive plan.

  9. I just got the VID a second time. I beat it in three days. All you people who are afraid of the wu-flu are so weak and puny. Americans like me will never take you seriously. The regular flu is far worse.

    I beat the alpha variant in 3 weeks back in March of 2019. That afforded me 2 wonderful years of immunity. Far longer than any of the vaccines. Keep in mind these are “Variants” and not “Strains”. The variants only get weaker and weaker.

    Stop being so afraid. It’s un-American.

      • Then get your 39% effective jab and wear your 10% effective face mask. See now how individual freedom works?

        You do what you think is best for you. I’ll do what I think is best for me.

        Isn’t America great?

    • March of 2019? lol good one.

      We are blessed to have such an expert as yourself to inform us of what the media won’t. Good to know that Covid apparently has been around a lot longer than we ever knew about and that this Delta variant I guess is merely a hoax. And the 630k people in the USA who have died of Covid…actually havent because you beat it 3 days…therefore anyone can. It’s also great to know there is a 2 year immunity once you get it, even the best doctors don’t claim to know how long immunity is, but you do. What a jewel we have in you, dropping knowledge on jocoreport comment sections! Thank you A!

      • 630k people have not died FROM covid. Stop lying. Dying WITH a firearm is not the same as dying FROM a firearm and dying with the Wu-Flu is not the same as dying from the Wu-Flu.

        Like I said, my immune system just wrapped up the Wu-Flu boogaloo part 2. That Wu-Flu fog is real. So I mixed 2019 and 2020. Either way I beat it twice and when compared to the vaxxed I have exponentially greater chances of surviving it in the future because I’m not a chicken turd Fauci lover.

        Stop being a pansy. The vaccines don’t work and neither do the masks. Together, on their best day, they give you 40% protection. Less than a 50/50.

    • I assume you havent lost loved ones to this virus especially someone young in age with no underlying medical conditions.

  10. Nancy Pelosi just had a party where seats sold for 29,000 bucks, no one, i repeat, no one was wearing a mask. i guess there is separate guide lines .Leave this teacher alone, It is our individual right as a free people to wear or not to wear a mask. with a mask you breath the same air over and over like someone with their head in a bag. its called suffocation or carbon monoxide poisoning. Guide lines and protocol dont care if you suffocate . sharpen up people. society is brain washed to the point that people are riding down the road in their cars alone with mask on, sitting on their porches and in their houses with mask on. This has to stop. none of this was required with the bird flu, the swine flu, H1N1 OR ANYOTHER VIRUS. This is all about taking every liberty you have away from you so you will slide into socialism and like it. look up BERTRAND RUSSEL ,he explained whats happening here now in 1953, its called [ THE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY ] SO EITHER GIVE PELOSI 9 WEEKS OFF WITHOUT PAY OR LEAVE THIS TEACHER ALONE. DOUBLE STANDARDS ARE ILLEGAL IN THE LAW.

  11. I am guessing that the majority of mask wearers actually agreed with the “summer of love’. It is all about control! I applaud this educator! I am also guessing those that are wearing mask are the same ones whose kids consistently come to school and defy dress code!

  12. Mrs. Aurora Preston if you should make onto the National News Stage please make sure these Socialist-Communist Democrats are called out by their name please!!! Especially the miserable failure flip-flopping Lyn Andrews and $180-K-Carroll. You may get that chance.

  13. Mr Russell, is that a cuckoo clock in the background? Do you also stick magnets to your face to see if the vaccine has made you magnetic? Are there chemtrails over your house too every day, raining “submission gas” on you and yours?

  14. Mr Abernathy, I bet you have a donkey that is 12 feet……tall, and all the ladies love you. You can make a lot of claims from behind a computer screen out in Four Oaks….

    Meanwhile what about the healthy 16 year old south carolinian who died last week? What about your Grand Leader, Fuhrer Trump, who has taken the vaccine? Is he a pansy, phony American now? My, how things change quickly in the World of Q!

    • I’m just an American who doesn’t get scared because my TV tells me to be. 🤷‍♂️

      Brad, if you’re American, you really should start acting like it. All this irrational fear your harbor is unhealthy and un-American.

      I beat the vid in THREE DAYS. All the hysteria surrounding the wu-flu is unwarranted and unhelpful.

      I don’t care what Trump says about being vaccinated, I do what want. I’m an American.

      Meanwhile if Fuhrer Fauci says jump off a cliff all you brainwashed lefties will get in line. If you’re American wake up and start acting like it. It’s shameful to see so many propagandized Americans behaving this way.

      And being from the south BBQ doesn’t change quickly or at all really. The world of Q is still tasty! 🐷🍽️

  15. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    If folks don’t stand up, there won’t be any personal decision to be made in the future!!

  16. I was going to say something, but I’ll just say, Bless her Heart! Lol… and you look stupid fighting over wearing a cloth over your mouth/nose to stop the spread of a virus that has literally killed millions. What a joke!

  17. Any employer can dictate policies and terminate an employee for any reason. It’s called right to work. Rules are rules.

  18. Good for her. The BOE needs to let the students and staff choose if they want to wear a mask or not. They aren’t wearing them in all the public buildings they go in. It’s crazy. Yes, Covid is serious but come on, a mask will not help …. Let them choose.

  19. Ronald Johnson says:

    “Mrs. Preston my personal message to you is thank you. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in, and doing it within the rules, and most of all being respectful. We will find a way and get back to normal.”

    What is his idea of doing things within the rules? She went into the school without following the rules that the board HE serves on set forth! Then he states she did it while being respectful? News flash Ronald..She didn’t RESPECT the RULES that YOUR own BOARD set forth and you take your time out to fan her flame? Why is this guy even on the board if he advocates for school employees to step over what they implement?SMH!!

  20. Why’d she have to be from South Johnston? Why must we smear the good name of my alma mater!?

    Seriously however, this sounds absurd. Clearly she knew about the mandate, yet still showed up for work without a mask. Then acts like she was wronged when she was told she needed a medical exemption or she had to go home. It’s a free country, you can do what you want. You can not wear a mask. You can not get vaccinated. Just don’t cry about it when it costs you your job or opportunities to participate in things. And certainly dont go around pandering for hand outs because you chose not to follow the rules in place for your job on your own free will.

    • So based on your comment I guess you are good with vaccine passports. Here in USA we have freedom and do not want to show our papers and be told we can’t do things without injecting ourselves with poisons against our will.

      • News flash – I’m from the USA same as you. And I like having science based research to help keep myself and loved ones safe in the form of vaccines. It’s really fun not having small pox. It’s super cool when I don’t gets the mumps. I like knowing others I’m traveling with also are vaccinated from these things. I’m free to travel where I like when I like. And the poison they shot me with hasn’t seemed to have any negative effect on me. As an American you have the freedom to not take the vaccine. And then an airline or school or business has the right to not allow you on board or on campus or in their building. That’s how our rights work you see. We all have rights. Not just the ignorant.


  22. There is a big difference between politically biased science and real science. When you have far left politicians pushing socialism and control and defending and bowing to terrorist regimes with the MSM helping them push their agendas and the same politicians telling you what to do about Covid guidle ines you cant blame people for standing for their right to chose. Anyone else remember the good old days before the far left overtook the democrat party and this whole country got along regardless of affiliation, skin color or anything else.

  23. Maybe she’ll get a cool million from Fred “I ONCE INVITED A BLACK GUY TO MY HOUSE BECUASE I WAS RUNNING FOR ELECTION, SO NOW I”M A CRT EXPERT” Smith! LOL I swear this is crazy…

  24. You antivaxers and antimask want your choice at the expense of our children, then you get covid and go to a hospital putting doctors and nurses at risk! And you may get a non FDA approved medication to save your butt. Get a grip people, she’s a teacher, where is her professionalism and care for children? She should be fired! Ronald Johnson should stop talking out both sides of his mouth and step down! He can’t lead in a crisis! If you want you freedom of choice great, but not at the expense of the public! Stay your butt in your house and have a freedom pie! And think a dead veteran for sacrificing his life for your poor excuse of being an American! I’m sick of this drama! Serve your community, country, and your God! It ain’t about you! SFC M JONES USA YEARS RETIRED! HELP SOMEONE AND PUT YOUR NEEDS LAST!

  25. “This is where I am at today. No word. No work. No pay. No nothing. All I know is that it’s not about educating children but following ‘guidelines’.”

    Cry me a river. Stop trying to make yourself the victim. You have no work and no pay and there’s a class of kids with no teacher because of your own choice. It IS about following guidelines so that you CAN educate the children in person, all year long.

    This is absolutely disgusting. Like so many others in this country (and obviously in these comments) Mrs. Preston thinks she knows way more about infectious disease and viral spread than the county health board and a whole country (actually world) full of medical experts. Just check out her “facts” video on her facebook page. She doesn’t believe masks work so she feels entitled to expose the kids of South Johnston to her germs. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that she’s not vaccinated either. If she were to contract COVID I wouldn’t want her breathing on my kids without a mask on. Sure, she’d probably stay home once symptoms kicked in, but she could be spreading it for days before that happened.

    The whole world has not conspired just to see if they can make you wear a mask. There shouldn’t have to be a mandate because people should have enough sense and decency to do the right thing without being mandated. This is about doing what is necessary to keep kids and teachers in the classroom this year.

    Parents, don’t be upset with the board of education, or SJ High School because a substitute is teaching her class. The blame lies squarely on the Prestons’ shoulders.

    And shame on anyone contributing to their Go Fund Me. Find a family with a real need, not one that is choosing to stay out of work because they don’t agree with a work policy that is in place to protect everyone and prevent another year of remote learning.

  26. The only reason that the school board passed the mask mandate last minute was because they wanted their enrollment numbers as high as possible so they could get as much funding as possible. They realized at first when it was optional, a lot of students weren’t going to be attending so they had to re-group in order to get more funding. It’s all about padding pockets. The more in-class students, the more government funding. As far as Mrs. Preston.. way to go! We need more teachers and staff to stand up against the “scamdemic” and against the sheep crying to wear mask. As far as the faculty claiming not knowing what to do, it is simple.. the principal turned her in to HR. He acts as if he is innocent but if he hadn’t turned her in, it probably wouldn’t have escalated this far because I doubt the students would have cared if she had a mask on or not

  27. This lady is beyond ridiculous. I wonder if she and her husband had this planned out knowing what the outcome would be. And then they knew they could turn to gofundme because there are so many people who share their insane beliefs. If she does have accumulated sick leave she can use it. Don’t let her convince you otherwise. JCPS should discipline her or else risk the possibility of never being able to discipline other employees for insubordination. Has anyone contacted gofundme to express your disgust with this fundraiser. And, Ronald Johnson shows more and more how ignorant he is everytime he speaks. It is not appropriate for him to comment regardless if the employee granted permission or not. The school district must treat this as an employee refusing to comply just as they would or will when other employees decide not to comply. I noticed the gofundme is set up by her husband. Couldn’t she find one of her supporters willing to set that up for her? This is not about masks. This is about refusal to follow employer’s policies.

  28. Lets all make sure we put “Choice” in front of our children’s lives. It’s funny how when it comes to abortion for Republicans, the right to choose goes out the window…but when it comes to masks….that right to Choose is held out as so important….well which is it????? I think our children’s lives are more important than any right to choose and until one of these “Right to Choose” people has one of their family members in the hospital or dead , they won’t realize the importance of masks and basically just doing all we can do to try to keep everyone as safe as possible. We need teachers who can teach our children how to follow the rules not break them. She needs to find a different profession than teaching.

  29. Has anyone stopped to realize how easily we start feuding with each other instead of finding common ground? Anyone paying attention would have to agree that none of this makes any sense. The government has never fixed anything it has ever gotten involved with. How many times have they flip flopped or moved the goal post? How many times have people in power or politicians been caught not wearing a mask? It is abundantly clear that masks nor the vaccine works. We have given them enough power and they have ruined enough lives already. If you think the government truly cares about your life, contract the AIDS virus and see how that works out for you.

  30. Mr. Johnson just loves making himself out to be the hero of the everyman.

    Anybody else notice how the Ron Johnson’s of the world hate rule breakers – until they’re the ones breaking the rules. Then you’re a “hero” and a “patriot” exercising your “constitutional rights” and “free choice”.

    So the funny thing is that JCPS actually COULD have had a teaching gig for this woman, and others who are mentally deficient in the same way (though why you would want a teacher with such a screwed up logic facility is beyond me).

    It’s called the Johnston County Virtual Academy, and it’s the place where parents who hate masks and think Covid is a conspiracy OR where parents who are trying to get their kids out of the line of fire of the kids from the first group of parents, can enroll their children so they can learn virtually (which can’t be right because a crap ton of people insisted last year that KIDS CANNOT LEARN VIRTUALLY!). And surely JCPS teachers who find wearing a mask too onerous could just teach at our very own Virtual Academy.


    Instead of staffing the Johnston County Virtual Academy with Johnston County teachers, Ron Johnson and the rest of the board decided to pay boatloads of money to an outside company called edMentum.

    So this company “teaches” your kids with teachers presumably from all over the country.

    The Principal is JoCo. The Assistant Principal is JoCo. The Counselors are JoCo.

    But ALL the teachers are from Lord knows where. Not a SINGLE JoCo teacher anywhere.

    Now THATS Ron Johnson style leadership.

    • Bill, I was wondering if others had noticed this yet. What a pitiful excuse for a virtual academy. They also hired JoCo EC teachers, but all others are employees of the corporate company. I attended the virtual parent info session and noticed how misleading it was. Perhaps this is something JOCOReport could investigate.

  31. We live in a world governed by rules , and the idea that they don’t want people telling them what to do is laughable. You do have a choice follow or don’t but don’t be sour when you have to deal with the consequences of your choice.

  32. Wear a mask or get a new profession. Teachers are important role models and usually have rules for their students to follow. Liberty is not a right to disregard rules.

  33. Hee Hee Hee, you can tell when you are dead center over the the target because when the truth bombs start hitting on the “Squad of CRT Cult” they start coming out like they did when Ron-
    Jon busted that hornet nest open with $180-K-Carroll secret closed door session to give away that $180,000.00 dollars to his friend Mr. Parker.

    Folks, the JOCO Teacher Union Teachers have gotten scared and are mobilizing their local army to comment here so to give the illusion of massive push back, but we all know it is just a illusion. Tax Payers and Parents we do have to worry about Commissioner Chad Stewart being married to one of these JOCO Teacher Union Teachers as well as Tony Braswell that is renting commercial property from Commissioner Chad Stewart for his lively hood and has to vote with him and will stay in local-step with him. Then you have Commissioner Mr. Wood that has some kind of close friendship with Commissioner Chad Stewart and his wife and are spending a lot of personal time with each other? Voters you have been handed over to the Teachers Union Teachers and how do you feel now? I don’t think freedom is any where to be seen is it?

  34. Folks, I want to make people think and ask why is there a personal relationship between Commissioner Chad Stewart and Commissioner Mr. Wood? Would it have anything to do with being married into the Teacher Union Teacher Family? Folks, Chad Stewart and Tony Braswell has been very quite in this last Commissioner Board Meeting don’t you think?

    • Terry it seems like you have an issue with every commissioner except Fred Smith., Why is that? Is it because he’s pushing the CRT theory invented by the
      C- Communist
      R- Republican
      T- Tyrants
      That you seem to have latched onto like the unproven voter fraud LIE pushed by the same incompetent elected idiots.

      Just a question.

      • Mr. John that shows just how new you are to this game. I have in the past ripped Mr. Fred on here so bad that they banned me from saying anything for a few weeks. But I stay factual, and to Mr. Fred defense he does nothing but what the law allows.

      • No Fred Smith is a great guy! In the last meeting he bragged about how he invited a black guy to his house when he was running for election!! He even went to a black home one night a week and asked them to vote for He should step down after his comments at the last meeting and take a CRT course! Watch his comments from the last meeting on youtube and listen to this guy. SMH! Not to mention..What the heck is a developer doing on the board?(Conflict of interest)

    • You are being sarcastic I hope cause if not you need your head examined!
      Higher inflation
      Infiltration of our open southern borders (no mask or vax)
      Afghanistan people being flown here unchecked/unvetted (no masks or vax) while Americans are left to die there
      Gas prices higher
      Working only 5-6 hours/day on our taxpayer dime
      Need I go on with all the other horrible things he’s done in 8 months?

      • 1. it will keep getting higher, the president has no control over it.
        2. infiltration? what infiltration?
        3. they are being checked and vetted for COVID in Europe before being sent away. this isn’t just a yes or no question. its a long process for vetting and it will take some time to see some solutions.
        4. the president has no control over gas prices. basic economy
        5. “Working only 5-6 hour/day” what do you mean by that, Jen? He’s the president, you don’t get to see him doing his job 24/7.
        Please do.

  35. Absolutely sad that these actions get this much attention and a Go Fund Me page when there are healthcare workers fighting night and day to save people who put themselves and others at risk. For once put yourself aside and think about others who are more vulnerable the we are. It’s a simple action that shows compassion.

  36. Funny how they can do this but yet when I am sitting in car pool line to pick up my kids the teachers are either not wearing the mask(having it in their hand) or they are wearing it under their chin. But hey at least they have it with them.

    • I help with carpool. First of all, there is no requirement for masks outside. Second of all, this first week it has been HOT and lines have been LONG. Do you think we LIKE wearing masks? One round of morning carpool and my mask is so sweaty I have to change it. Thirdly, comments like yours are ignorant in logic. You want to advocate for choice but dare to complain when hardworking school staff run around like crazy outside trying to ensure kids are safe, can find their cars, and keep traffic moving in 100+ temperatures WHILE WEARING A MASK?!? We are unmasked and less than 6 feet away for less than two minutes. Put your kid on a bus with that nonsense.

      But thanks to complaints from such supportive parents like yourself, my school will be pulling up our masks as we approach your babies because WE CARE! Are you happy now?!

      • Hello, JG. I have worked once for 7 hours outside wearing a mask in 100+ degree weather. I think you will be fine wearing it for 30 minutes to an hour. Get a grip and actually teacher your students things and not nonsense.

          • Carpool does NOT last 7 hours BUT, lately, we’ve had many school days that staff has worked 10+ hours days, in a mask. It sounds pure hateful that you WANT our hardworking staff to NOT be able to take down or take off their masks while outside during carpool and ensuring our children are getting in their cars safely. Unfortunately people like you want to act like jerks and now staff has to fear being publicly criticized for wanting fresh air after a long day at work. WE DIDN’T MAKE THE RULES. Obviously, your comments and thought processes show your lack of common decency towards school staff and you just prefer everyone to be miserable like you.

  37. This is music to some of your ears, I am done commenting on this lovely, brave and very electable lady. I am a firm believer that the best leaders are the ones that has shoveled the sh*t. The mask science is the same as climate change science, that’s right more taxes will change the weather bull crap? I can’t believe the “Squad of CRT Cult” or School Board actually fell for this and did what is so not in their best interest. After all of this junk science and they think that people have not seen how wrong time after time that this junk science is. Get a shot, shut down and it will be normal? Get three shots, shut down and wear two masks and everything will go back to normal? The “Squad of CRT Cult” or School Board has created a martyr that just keeps them in the negative spot light. Her name is Mrs. Aurora Preston and no knew her until the School Board created her.

  38. I love how WRAL doesn’t report the whole story – only the part that fits their narrative. I hope she continues to stand up for what she believes in.

  39. I can’t believe the number of people who believe this disease is a conspiracy perpetrated by our government. Does anyone watch anything besides FOX? Anybody know anything about science and vaccines? We’ve been requiring vaccines for ages. Look how many diseases have practically been wiped out. You think you have the right to go out and spread disease??? Then again, maybe this virus will cull the herd, but not around me or my children!

    • I don’t watch fox at all… or any other mainstream fake news! Do real research on all vaccines, why they were developed, what ingredients are in them, the side effects, as well as if they are truly responsible for reducing the rate of the disease. You will find the answers are quite surprising! Autism rates, developmental disabilities, allergies, auto immune disease and food allergies have all increased since vaccine implementation. Look at the health of Americans vs the health of other countries like Japan that don’t require vaccines. Look at the infant mortality rate US vs other less developed countries that don’t require vax. I do know science and I research the heck out of everything… not google biased research either. Science and numbers can be manipulated to fit a narrative very easily. Do you know the outbreak of measles a few years ago was among the vaccinated not the unvaccinated? How much education do doctors get about vaccines? Does that education include side effects, ingredients and long term impacts? Here’s a hint less than one day of education and no!

      I’ll be waiting….

      • Hi, Jen again. The real research? Like what? Facebook and yahoo articles? Autism isn’t caused by vaccines, it’s simple science if you actually listen to scientists who specialize in any type of vaccines. Same with developmental disabilities, they are normal and not caused by a vaccine. How do allergies factor into a vaccine? Allergies are natural meaning it happens by nature. Auto-immune diseases are caused by nature and are a person-by-person situation. Genealogy is the science that practices that allergies, developmental disabilities, disabilities, and disease that are from GENES. Meaning that they are from the parent or from the grandparent or the great grandparent and so on and so forth. The measles outbreak was on the UNVACCINATED because they weren’t protected. The doctors who study vaccines and know vaccines study their whole lives just like a normal medical doctor, they may be a doctor of vaccines but they can learn. No, they don’t involve side effects, ingredients, and long term impacts. (sarcasm) OF COURSE IT DOES. WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT JEN?

    • With the internet being so vast everyone thinks they’re smarter than the doctors just because of things they read online. It’s truly concerning.

  40. Maybe she just doesn’t want to work for two months and wants people to donate to her go fund me page so she can have a paid vacation 🤔

  41. The Prestons are attention seekers who love a controversy, so this shouldn’t be so shocking. How selfish of Aurora to put herself ahead of these poor kids who’ve been through so much already. I am outraged at the amount of money in the GoFundMe — these people don’t need a dime of help. They’ll be just fine.

  42. That’s unfortunate, but she knew what was coming. There are other teaching jobs out there where people aren’t so concerned for the health and wellbeing of students.

  43. COME ON PEOPLE! IT’S ABOUT OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE! If you want to get the vax and wear a mask, please do so, that is your choice! However, it is some people’s choice NOT to get the vax or wear a mask! Neither you nor the government can make that choice for me! By the way, my daughter refused to wear her mask in her classroom AND refused to enforce the mask mandate on the kids whose parents didn’t agree with it. She was forced out of her teaching job. The mandate was not in place when she signed her contract, it was put in place a after the teachers had been back for 5 days!

    • I’m sorry but when someone is so selfish as to but their selves ahead of the safety of children. That’s not a right to choose, that’s just pure selfishness.

      • No, it’s not! Because they also have a choice to wear a mask or not! So wear your mask and stop judging the ones who don’t! Your mask should protect you, so wear it in good health and have a great day!

        • People like you are why we’re still in this freaking mess all this time later. Grow up and learn how the world works instead of whining and complaining.

          • Guess what Afghanistan is only 2.5% vaccinated, has only lost 7000ish people to this plandemic and doesn’t have mask mandates…looks like they actually may have the right way to deal with this.

  44. I agree with the conservatives here liberals. I wish all the teachers would stand up for their God given right not to wear a mask, and the students too. Then Johnston County schools can be like Mintz Academy here in Sampson County. And all of you will be stuck with your children a little while longer. Hopefully the local feed supply stores have stocked up on ivermectin. I’m going to stand up for my God given right to drive my car 150 mph. Let’s see if cops stand up for their God given rights to give me a speeding ticket. Sarcasm aside, whoever commented she better be glad she wasn’t immediately terminated is quite right. All other PROFESSIONAL places of employment would have terminated her on the spot. And I commend the other teachers, paraprofessionals, school employees, and students who are rational and caring enough to get us through this situation.

  45. Schools always have rules and codes of conduct. Why some people are making it an issue when schools are taking measures to save the kids and prevent the spread of virus ? Teachers like Mrs. Preston is taking advantage of the situation and collecting donation to support her living while she enjoys vacation with husband and family, WOW!

  46. Here is my main issue: Are all of you on here wearing a mask in Walmart/shopping and making your children wear one too? If your answer is no, you are a hypocrite.

    • That may be YOUR issue..but the issue here is that a school employee refused to follow the rules set by her employer (to save the lives of children and co-workers) and is now reaching for handouts since her employer will not pay her to be insubordinate and inconsiderate! I’ll answer your question though..YES I care about my kids health as well as the health of others around and make sure they wear a mask inside stores and sanitize as well. SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED!

  47. Here’s some irony (or maybe hypocrisy) for you…

    A woman effectively loses her job because she DECIDES she doesn’t have to follow her bosses rules.

    A bunch of (fairly unintelligent) people literally THROW money at her GoFundMe page in support.

    And these same people do nothing but gripe and bellyache at people getting unemployment and food assistance because those people are “too lazy to get a job”.

    Apparently welfare isn’t bad at all. It all depends on who you are.

  48. Wow, there are many naive humans. It’s the age of manipulation and stupidity. Our young have been thoroughly brainwashed for years, in the schools and via fb and google. They aren’t even wise enough to know the fda, Fauci, the cdc, our government and medical drs have a long history of lying, proving toxic meds to the public knowingly killing thousands of innocent people, usually for the mighty dollar or to enforce control. Watch Bad Blood on Amazon and see how this has happened for a hundred years. Anyone who trusts blindly the fda cdc and govt as well as fb and google ….well thats how we ended up with all the Germans standing by letting Hitler do his dirty work while they participated and turned a blind eye. You all are full of the hate they filled you with, so you will turn against your fellow Americans that have the wisdom and courage to stand up for Freedom and America. Yes, you will turn in your own brothers! Fools cannot hear the truth. It’s all in the Bible.

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