JCPS Teachers Launch Petition Drive Asking For A Choice In Education

Some Johnston County Public School teachers and staff have launched a petition drive asked the  Board of Education to allow a choice in education for students.  Organizers say there is an advisory council who is advocating for remote learning only for students in the 2020-2021 school year.

“Many teachers, students, parents and community members do not realize that is happening. Several teachers in Johnston County want to be back in the classroom. We realize Governor Cooper has ordered Plan B or Plan C as an option. However with the big push from these advisory councils we fear everyone will not have a voice in the choice and school will be pushed to do remote learning only,” one of the organizers said in an email to Johnston County Report.

Those behind the petition efforts want face-to-face instruction time for students and parents who feel safe with that option.  For those who do not, they should have the option for remote learning.

“(We) just want to make people aware that if they do not speak up we may not have a choice.”

As of Friday afternoon, the petition drive had received over 800 signatures.