JCSO Announces Major Drug Bust

WENDELL – The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has announced details of a major drug bust last week at a home in the Corinth Holders community.

Sheriff’s office narcotic agents, joined by federal DEA officers, executed a search warrant July 27 at 189 Mudham Road, Wendell, just off NC Highway 231 in northern Johnston County.

During a search of the residence, authorities reportedly seized two kilos of cocaine (4.4 pounds), 94 pounds of marijuana, 3.6 pounds of marijuana wax, 21.3 pounds of mushrooms, 21 doses of Oxycodone, 10 doses of Xanax, 18 doses of Percocet, and numerous firearms.

Guy George Ide Jr., age 47, of the same address, was arrested and charged with multiple counts of narcotics trafficking. He was held in the Johnston County Detention Center on a $500,000 secured bond.


  1. Guess I should have opened my own landscaping business if it pulls in the money to afford that kind of lifestyle. Always wondered how there was so many nice expensive toys over at their house/business.

  2. ULTRA GREAT JOB goes out to the JCSO and the Federal DEA Officers. Thank you so much for getting all the drugs and firearms off the street. You have and will never know how many lives you could have saved. As far as the judge goes, SHAME ON YOU! How could you have let this guy out on just $500,000 bond. He should be held without bond. Judge, are you blind? Did you not see all the firearms this bum had. Let him rot in jail!!!!

  3. Secure the border!!! Lol where y’all folks at. Is this guy here illegal ? Bet not. Small bond for such a large amount of illegal drugs He supplied every habit but heroine it looks like. I have seen higher bonds with less drugs.

  4. “Wax is a distillation of marijuana said to be so potent that a single hit will keep a person high for more than a day…” Well, dang! Didn’t even know that existed until reading this drug bust article. Not sure I would want him or his crew doing any type of work on my property. Glad he got busted and hope they don’t go lenient on him. But it’s JoCo and our judicial system lacks grit.

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