Johnston Community College Excels In Statewide Performance Measures

BJ Alvares-Herrera, JCC Graduate and NC State University Transfer Student

SMITHFIELD – Johnston Community College (JCC) exceeded statewide excellence standards in two categories which measure student success across North Carolina’s community colleges annually.

JCC ranked second among the 58 colleges in both First-Year Progression and in Transfer Performance.

These areas demonstrate that first-year students at JCC are making excellent progress toward credential completion and that they perform well above average when they transfer to a four-year university or college.

“If you are looking to transfer from a community college to a four-year institution, the data from the North Carolina Community College System show that JCC sets you up for success,” says President Dr. Vern Lindquist.

“After graduating from JCC, I genuinely feel like I’m prepared for anything that is thrown at me from a four-year university,” says recent North Carolina State University transfer student BJ Alvares-Herrera.

“I have tailored my foundation to fit my major and area of interest. More importantly, JCC was able to accommodate my desires in learning and provide me with the experience I wanted,” Alvares-Herrera adds. 

The First-Year Progression index scores are based on the percentage of first-time fall credential-seeking curriculum students graduated prior to or enrolled in postsecondary education the subsequent fall semester. Transfer Performance index scores are based on the percentage of community college students transferring to a four-year university or college during the fall semester who remain enrolled in a four-year institution the subsequent fall or graduate prior.

“These performance measures prove that community colleges, particularly JCC, provide quality education. A bonus of getting that great education at JCC is that it remains affordable, and in some cases can be tuition-free,” Lindquist added.

Eligible 2023 high school and homeschool graduates can attend JCC tuition-free through the JoCo Commissioners Promise program. For more information, visit