Johnston County Democratic Party African American Caucus Issues Statement On Death Of George Floyd

The African American Caucus of the Johnston County Democratic Party issues a statement Thursday afternoon addressing the recent killings of African Americans by law enforcement officers including the recent death of George Floyd.

“America has been shaken to its core by the recent senseless killings of African Americans. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery loss their lives for no apparent reason other than because they were black. And recently, certain bad actors in the law enforcement community have been overly aggressive in the treatment of citizens attempting to exercise their Constitutional right of peaceful protest in New York, Minnesota, Connecticut, and California. These actions are clear manifestations of structural and institutional racism that must end!?”

“The African American Caucus of the Johnston County Democratic Party (AAC-JCDP) stands with the families who have lost loved ones in these tragic events and those who are affected by systemic racism in their daily lives. There have been protests in over 400 cities in all fifty states. This speaks to the urgency that the American people place on confronting the racism and bigotry that has crippled our nation’s ability to live up to the American creed.?”

“We must continue to demand justice and equality through peaceful protest, activism, voting, but most of all, through real conversations. The deep wounds of racism must not be able to harm and kill other Americans. The cry for justice can no longer be muffled by leaders inciting hatred and supporting injustice and inequality. As Martin Luther King said nearly 60 years ago, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

“We all must do our part to educate, enlighten, and raise awareness of the institutionalized discrimination that exists, and what we can do to effect real change moving forward. The AAC-JCDP will continue to work on viable, long term solutions to rid America of this homegrown scourge. We encourage you to raise your voice in protest and vote in November, because our lives depend on it!”

AAC-JCDP officers include Angelique Legette, President; Toronte Howard; 1st Vice President; Helena Anderson, 2nd Vice President; Errol Mitchell, Secretary; and Butler Benton, Administrative Chair.