Johnston County Parks And Open Space Program Unveils New Website

SMITHFIELD – The Johnston County Parks and Open Space Program has unveiled a new website. The site will serve as a central point for communication with the Parks and Open Space Program and residents and visitors of Johnston County. Head over to to discover everything parks, recreation and athletics that Johnston County has to offer.

The website includes a variety of new tools and features that can be used as a resource to find parks and recreation organizations, public events, athletic offerings and a number of partner organizations.

One of the main features of the website is allowing users to find any park in Johnston County by using the “Find your Nearest Park” tool, which will display the facilities, amenities, location and website of every park in the County.

Looking for a particular activity in your area? View the “Recreational Activities by Location” page to find out how many parks have hiking trails nearby, which parks have basketball courts in Smithfield or where to find the nearest boat ramp in Clayton.

The website will also display all registered athletic associations in the County, which can be found through the “Find your Nearest Athletic Association” tool located on the “Athletic” page.

The “Events” listings displays all published parks, recreation and athletic events in the County. Additionally, the website includes maps for all parks, recreational sites and athletic fields and facilities.

Please feel free to call the Parks office at 919-989-5150 ext. 5143 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the website. You can also email or

All public input is greatly appreciated. We look forward to your reviews and suggestions, but most importantly, we look forward to our citizens being able to share and experience all the amazing parks in Johnston County.