Johnston County Schools Has A New Name

What’s in a name? If you ask Johnston County School officials it’s a lot. “Your name is the first and most powerful part of your brand…” officials said during their monthly school board meeting.

The school board unanimously approved a request this month to change the name of the school district from Johnston County Schools to Johnston County Public Schools. Officials said by adding the word “Public” to the name it would show support of public schools and pride in being a public school system.

School leaders say the cost of a name change will be minimal.  The school website is currently being updated so that won’t be an issue. Most of the districts printed materials housed in their facility on US 70 at Highway 210 were destroyed by Hurricane Matthew floodwaters.

“Most letterhead, etc. are electronic and will be replaced with an updated name,” according to Tracey Peedin Jones, Public Information Officer. “Any current materials with the logo will be used until the materials run out and will be replaced with the new name as needed.”

A few items will cost to replace Johnston County Schools with Johnston County Public Schools.

“The only items that would cost additional monies would be signage such as in the Board Room.  However, there are not any current plans to update these items since the change is minor.”

With an update in the name, a change in email addresses as well as domain names will be necessary. However, the update will allow the schools to shorten current email addresses and the domain name.