Johnston County To Be Targeted By State Troopers This Week

Trooper-Picture-2-FIAccording to the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it is estimated that approximately 33,000 people are killed due to motor vehicle collisions across the nation.  While the effectiveness of seatbelts is rated between 40 to 65 percent, they are the single most effective means of reducing the risk of death in a motor vehicle crash.  The use of seat belts and child safety restraints also prevent serious injuries that may occur when motorist find themselves involved in a vehicle collision.

Statewide in 2014, the State Highway Patrol reported 333 fatalities and 2,969 injuries where the occupant was not using a provided seat belt.  Through a partnership with the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, the Highway Patrol has identified seven counties that have reflected a high rate of unrestrained fatal collisions.  These counties are Columbus, Cumberland, Guilford, Johnston, Mecklenburg, Robeson, and Wake.

Beginning on Monday, July 20th through Friday, July 26th a special enforcement project will be conducted in these counties to increase the use of seat belts by motorists.  The use of child sNC Highway Patrol Patchafety restraints will also be monitored by troopers throughout this allotted time frame.  According to North Carolina state law, motorist must utilize a provided seat belt while occupying the front and rear seats of a motor vehicle.  The driver of a motor vehicle must ensure child safety restraints are used if there are occupants within a motor vehicle under the age of 8 or less than 80 pounds.

The current fine and court costs for a seat belt ticket is $161.00 The fine for a rear seat violation is $10 with no court cost applied.