Patient Navigator Is Serving Patients At Johnston Health

JMH-Shaun-Leagan-FIShaun Leagan (far right), Patient Navigator with Johnston Health, was a recent guest of WTSB Radio Station. She was interviewed by Liz Thurston (left), Physician Liaison with Johnston Health and Lynda Carroll with WTSB.

The role of the patient navigator was recently created by Johnston Health to walk a patient who has breast and lung cancer, the two most common types of cancer in Johnston County, through the process. Because of her background as a nurse in hematology and oncology, she already had a deep understanding of the disease of cancer. Now she can assist the doctor and/or the patient who needs help “navigating” through the treatment process.

According to Ms. Leagan, “Hearing you have cancer can be overwhelming and scary.  I am there to give reassurance and to work closely with the patient and the team of doctors.” For example, Ms. Leagan can help set up appointments for radiation and chemotherapy, and make contact with the doctor if the patient needs a certain question answered.

Shaun Leagan can be reached at 919-938-6562.