Johnston County Youth Place In State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest

Pictured left to right: (Front Row) Lucy Formisani, Cody Formisani, Rian Hill (kneeling,) Kennedy Lee, McKynlee Pittman. (Second Row) Rylan Tew, Kaylee Pittman, Anna Wells, Daisy Brown, Carson Norris, Lucas Barbour (Back Row) Scarlett Denning, McKenzie Gross, Hattie Jo Powell, Andrew Roberts, Harris Bagley, Kimsey Bagley, Lyric Miller

RALEIGH – Eighteen Johnston County 4-H members participated in the 2022 NC 4-H Livestock Judging Contest on July 29.

Local youth placed in a number of the contests:

Cody Formisani- 2nd overall individual, 1st in Swine and Meat Goats, 2nd in Reasons
McKynlee Pittman – 3rd overall, 4th in Swine, 3rd in Sheep
Carson Norris – 5th overall, 2nd in Meat Goats, 3rd in Cattle
Lucas Barbour- 9th overall, 4th in Meat Goats
Harris Bagley – 3rd in Swine, 7th in Sheep, 8th in Meat Goats

Second Place Team – Scarlett Denning, Kaylee Pittman, Rian Hill
Scarlett Denning – 1st Overall, 1st in Sheep, Meat Goats and Reasons
Kaylee Pittman – 10th Overall, 4th in Cattle
Third Place Team – Andrew Roberts, Kennedy Lee, Lucy Formisani and Lyric Miller
Lyric Miller – 6th Overall, 2nd in Cattle, 6th in Sheep, 8th in Reasons
Lucy Formisani – 8th Overall, 5th in Sheep, 6th in Goats, 7th in Swine
Kennedy Lee – 2nd in Meat Goats, 8th in Reasons
Andrew Roberts – 10th in Meat Goats

Third Place Team – Daisy Brown, Hattie Jo Powell, Kimsey Bagley and Anna Wells
Anna Wells – 8th Overall, 5th in Sheep, 10th in Meat Goats
Hattie Jo Powell – 11th Overall, 6th in Cattle
Kimsey Bagley – 10th in Swine