Johnston Man Loses Large Amount Of Money In Investment Scam

SELMA – A Johnston County man lost a very large sum of money after falling for a crypto currency investment scheme. The 45 year-old victim sent money to what he thought was a company to purchase Bitcoin.

Almost immediately, the investment scammer claimed he was making a large profit and encouraged him to send more money. He continued to send more cash, which they claimed continued to accumulate gains. The fraudster encouraged the victim to obtain a loan to invest as much as he could.

After approximately seven months, the victim said his crypto currency account showed gains of $750,569. When he tried to cash in some of his profit, the investment fraudster claimed he had to pay fees and taxes.

The victim sent a total of $172,000 for the fees and taxes before realizing it was a scam. He has not been able to recover any of his original investment.

According to, crypto current investment scammers claim to be seasoned investment managers who promise large returns. Sometimes the scam involves using fake celebrity endorsements. Be cautious of investments that seem too good to be true.


  1. Get rich quick schemes rarely pan out. Sure hate it for this individual. Easy to get scammed into things these days- doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to make fake websites, etc.

  2. What a dumba**..if I had an extra $172,000 it wouldn’t be invested in that liberal, loser rip off….

    • there are plenty of republicans who have made millions in crypto. lol how sad is your life if everything boils down to liberals vs conservatives. you are as foolish as that clown who sent all his money to the scammer.

  3. If the victim happens to read this, I can get you a sweet deal on some property at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC.

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