KS Bank Partners With JCPS Career & Technical Education Workforce Program

Angel Ponce

SMITHFIELD – A collaboration between KS Bank and the Johnston County Public Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE) “JOCO Works NOW” summer internship program created a great opportunity for Angel Ponce, a student at Smithfield-Selma High School.

Ponce is an International Baccalaureate Career Programme Student at Smithfield-Selma High School. By participating in work-based learning, his experience interning with KS Bank will help him build future-ready skills and increase his success in achieving post-graduation goals.

“The local chambers of commerce have been extremely supportive of our work-based learning programs and, in cases such as this, have helped us recruit and promote these opportunities to community workforce partners. Earl W. Worley, Jr., President and CEO of KS Bank, expressed interest in hosting a high school intern through our ‘JoCo Works Now’ summer internship program at a Triangle East Chamber of Commerce networking event. From there, we connected KS Bank with Angel Ponce,” said Kathryn Farrior, CTE Workforce Development Specialist for Johnston County Public Schools.

Johnston County Public Schools values the impact of students exploring career options early in their schooling. Opportunities such as industry engagement, CTE courses, work-based learning experiences, and dual enrollment courses allow students to prepare for post-graduation success.

“Angel Ponce has been an excellent addition to our team at KS Bank this summer, and we are happy to share that he will be continuing his internship part-time with us through his senior year. We are grateful to have a program for talented young people like Angel to learn and get hands- on experience through the Johnston County Public Schools CTE programs,” shared Earl W. Worley, Jr., President and CEO of KS Bank.

“We would like to encourage other local businesses to reach out to the Johnston County Public Schools CTE program and see what opportunities there are to help our students grow into well- rounded individuals,” shared Mr. Worley and Mrs. Farrior.

After graduation, Ponce plans to pursue his career in banking. He believes this internship has provided him with valuable skills and insights into the various types of careers in the financial industry.