Local High School Students Embark On Journey To Denmark For International Science Camp

CLAYTON – To celebrate its 100-year anniversary, Novo Nordisk is hosting 100 students from around the world at its Future Scientist Summer Camp in Denmark from August 6 through 12. Two of the three students representing the United States are from the greater Triangle region, home to Novo Nordisk’s largest U.S. manufacturing footprint. Lelia Lemons of Durham and Cinthia Cepin of Smithfield embarked on their first trips to Europe to join nearly 100 students from 11 different countries in Copenhagen.

Over the course of five days, participants will tour production facilities, attend keynote speaker sessions, conduct experiments at the LIFE campus labs, and explore the greater Copenhagen area. Novo Nordisk and the LIFE Foundation secured industry and academic experts to explore topics like health, sustainability, and cutting-egde science, helping students understand and envision a promising career in solving the world’s most pressing health issues.

The North Carolina Participants

Lelia Lemons

Lelia Lemons

Lelia is a rising sophomore at the Southern School of Energy and Sustainability in Durham. Lelia has an enthusiasm for her favorite subject – science – and is an active team member on her competitive club cheer squad. The Future Scientist Summer Camp will be Lelia’s first time traveling outside of the United States, and she is excited to learn more about the Danish culture, dive deeper into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education, and connect with peers from around the world. When asked her thoughts on the upcoming trip, she shared, “I love science. It has always been one of my favorite subjects since elementary school. I’ve always been interested in biomedical science and helping people. So, when I got the opportunity to attend the Future Scientist Summer Camp with a company like Novo Nordisk, that was exciting for me.”

Cinthia Cepin

Cinthia Cepin

Cinthia is a rising junior at Smithfield-Selma High with a passion for STEM. Cinthia’s interest started in the biology and chemistry space, with a keen interest in biotechnology. Throughout her high school career, Cinthia developed 3D recycling projects with her robotics team and joined the high school band as a member of the color guard. In her free time, Cinthia is active in her local church and spends time with her family. She shared her thoughts, “I love STEM and science, but specifically biology and chemistry. I’m most excited about attending the disease and diagnosis keynote speaker session at Novo Nordisk’s Future Scientist Summer Camp. I’m very passionate about advancing biotech technology to get diagnoses quicker, so patients can receive treatment quicker.”

Marking the 100-year anniversary of Novo Nordisk, the Future Scientists Summer Camp is one of the signature programs of a year-long anniversary campaign: Driving Change for Generations.

“The Future Scientists Summer Camp is a natural extension of Novo Nordisk’s ongoing work with students,” says Chad Henry, General Manager for U.S. Product Supply, Quality and IT, Novo Nordisk. “As a company, we strongly believe in supporting and strengthening STEM education. We are especially excited that two students from Johnston and Durham counties are receiving additional inspiration for their future career possibilities.”

About the Future Scientist Summer Camp

In 2023, Novo Nordisk is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. As a part of this celebration, Novo Nordisk is hosting the Future Scientists Summer Camp (FSSC) in collaboration with the LIFE Foundation. The camp will provide opportunities for high school students to engage with lectures, build an international network, expand their knowledge, and share their perspectives. At the FSSC, the 100 participants will work in advanced labs and get hands-on experience with solving global issues. The participants represent 11 different countries and five continents. Countries represented include Canada, Colombia, Denmark, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States. For more information, visit https://www.novonordisk.com/fssc.html.


  1. What an exciting learning experience for these two young women! The benefits of attending this summer camp will be far reaching both personally and academically.

  2. Denmark?!? Egads! Exposing these kids to a government based on high income taxes and extensive government spending might not be the best thing. If the youth of America get an up-close look at a Nordic-type socialist country with free universal healthcare, free universal education, heavily subsided government-run social programs, abortion on-demand, and a consistently high “happiness rating,” they’re likely to turn into Socialist Liberal Dem Snowflakes. This might not be the best path path forward for our country.

    • What a sad, uneducated comment this is. These two students are getting an incredible opportunity to attend an international science camp, but all you want to do is complain about the country the program is taking place in? Sad.

      • @Snoozer: What’s sad is that you can’t see that this is the latest in a long line of attempts to groom the youth of America. I guess it’s OK for *YOUR* children to be indoctrinated to the Nordic-Socialst lifestyle.

        • I can’t tell if Truth is being satirical or not. Either way, Cynthia (and the rest of the Cepin family) are highly intelligent, driven, and compassionate people and if she decides she likes the Nordic life over what the US offers it won’t be because she was indoctrinated, it’ll be because she thought for herself.

        • I feel sorry for uneducated backwood people like Tell the Truth. I bet he/she thinks America is hands down the greatest country on Earth and nothing is close to us. There is a reason why Nordic countries rank higher in education, length of life, happiness, etc compared to America. Yet this clown thinks the kids are being groomed by going there. Newsmax watching clown.

    • “If the youth of America get an up-close look at a Nordic-type socialist country with free universal healthcare, free universal education, heavily subsided government-run social programs, abortion on-demand, and a consistently high “happiness rating,” they’re likely to turn into Socialist Liberal Dem Snowflakes.”

      this is amazing! right after i was done reading this, you had me looking for prices on direct flights from rdu airport to copenhagen!

      i think after seeing denmark, these kids will definitely cherish our flawless system of market-based health insurances and copays managed by private firms. there is nothing more american than paying hundreds of dollars a month for private health insurance while still paying tens of thousands in annual government taxes. i imagine these young kids will be extremely relieved to find out that they get to come back to america right after this trip and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a lifelong debt to their student loans. if those things don’t keep them out, i’m sure that having freedom of choice over their bodies and lifesaving assistance programs from the government will be enough to deter them away from such an awful and miserable place like denmark.

  3. Been to Denmark twice while working for DOD. Beautiful county with many sites to see. People are friendly and helpful. Hope the students enjoy their time there.

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