Lottery Tickets Stolen From Convenience Store

Smithfield Police are investigating the theft of NC Education Lottery tickets from a convenience store. Tuesday morning, a man walked into the Circle K at 1137 N. Brightleaf Boulevard and went to the restroom. After exiting the restroom he was able force open the door to the office in the rear of the business. The clerk did not notice the incident.

Police said the suspect stole an undetermined number of lottery tickets in a secure cabinet inside the office. The suspect then left the business. The break-in was discovered at 8:40am and reported to police.

Captain R. Sheppard said detectives are investigating the incident.


  1. Now what do you think you can do with these stolen tickets?? I’m sure your dumb enough to try and cash a winning one.

  2. Lottery tickets are traceable. Can’t cash in any winning tickets without being on camera. About as useless as a sponge boat.

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