Major Drug Bust In Harnett County

HARNETT COUNTY – Investigators seized a large amount of cocaine and marijuana at a Harnett County home.

On July 2, Omari Ade Grant, was arrested after law enforcement officers searched his residence on Hillmon Grove Road in Cameron.

During the search, officers reportedly found about 2,251.3 grams of cocaine with a street value of $450,260, and about 3,703.7 grams of marijuana with a value of $19,629.

Agents also confiscated $13,629 in cash, two handguns, two rifles, and a shotgun.

Grant, age 36, was arrested and charged with trafficking cocaine and felony possession of marijuana. He was given a $35,000 secured bond.

The Nash County Sheriff’s Office, Moore County Sheriff’s Office, and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation assisted with the investigation.


  1. A $35,000 bond for TRAFFICKING CHARGES??? Ain’t NO WAY. This guy signed up to work for the police! That’s the ONLY reason he has such a low bond! This is outrageous!

    • Number one, GREAT JOB HARNETT COUNTY. Number two, Sit on your Black Lives Matter. Everyone’s lives matter, Black White, Indian and the list goes on. This guy did not care about anyone’s life and that why he had the drugs that he had. He did not care who his drugs killed and yes, that could even have been a black person! Gosh knows, we need to stop putting a label on people. There are two kinds of people, good or bad!

    • Stop trying to be funny cause I can pull many receipts of white ppl in joco getting caught during drug bust stop making everything about race that sh*t played out grow ** up Billy

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