Man Attacks Cashier After Trying To Pass Counterfeit Money

SMITHFIELD – A cashier was reportedly assaulted by a customer. Smithfield Police said they responded to Walmart, at 1299 N. Brightleaf Boulevard, at 5:25pm Tuesday, Nov. 21.

Police said a female cashier was at a register when a customer attempted to pay for merchandise with eight counterfeit $100 bills.

The cashier recognized the bills as counterfeit. The customer then attempted to grab the eight bills from the cashier and in the process placed her in a bear hug, causing a minor injury to her fingernail.

The suspect fled before police arrived. The man was wearing a medical mask and was unable to be identified.


      • Not true, height, weight,approx age, race could have all helped identify and reduced the potential perp. On top of…..and correct me if I am wrong, but I think Walmart has surveillance cameras as well which could have been used to “identify” the perp as well. If they don’t have cameras…..I would be shocked. Hope the cashier gets her nail back. Inside job?

  1. It’s time to reinstate the law (that the NCGA revoked in order to install mask mandates) that made wearing masks illegal!

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