Man Caught With Handgun Inside Clayton Middle School

CLAYTON – A 21 year-old man has been charged with possession of a weapon on educational property and carrying a concealed gun. Around 12:30pm today (Wednesday), Clayton Police Greg Tart said a person entered Clayton Middle School to pick up his sisters who were being dismissed early from school.

After showing proper identification, the individual was allowed into the school and walked through the weapons detection system recently installed by the Johnston County Public School System. The system alerted that the man was possibly carrying a weapon on the left side of his front waistband.

When the weapons detection system alerted, Clayton Middle School staff asked the man if he was carrying a weapon and he reportedly acknowledged that he was.

A school resource officer took Ubaldo Tellez Perez of Clayton into custody and secured a Glock 9mm handgun in his possession, Chief Tart said.

Perez reportedly told police he didn’t realize he was carrying his weapon when he entered the school. At no point were any students or staff in danger from this incident. The weapons detection system worked as it was designed to do.


  1. “Perez reportedly told police he didn’t realize he was carrying his weapon when he entered the school.”

    You just cant make this stuff up. How in the H do you NOT realize you are carrying a weapon. If that is this persons excuse then his CCP should be revoked. Sorry but that is just utter crap and carelessness.

      • I carry all the time except where it says I can not. Sorry I am for the 2nd but lets just be honest here. Who forgets that they have a weapon strapped to themselves and walks into a school. No excuse for this.

    • This guy certainly didn’t have a CCP. That said, CCP holders should be allowed to carry in schools. That’s their 2nd amendment right, and having proved not to be in violation of their right to keep and bear arms, should not be hindered. However, it’s complete BS that someone “doesn’t realize”…I carry all the time and it’s always “felt”. A glock isn’t some pocket pistol that weighs an insignificant amount. I guess the bottom line is that the new metal detectors did their job and possibly prevented a bad situation.

    • I’m sorry officer, I didn’t know armed robbery was illegal. I’m sorry officer, I didn’t know assault was illegal. I’m sorry officer, I didn’t know drug use and possession was illegal.
      Ignorance is no excuse.

    • Absolutely! If you are carrying you know you are carrying. If you didn’t think to remove before entering the building that’s different.

      • Isn’t I didn’t realize I had a gun the same excuse Madison Cawthorne used when he was cought airport more that once? Just saying if it works for Idoits why not the normal citizen? Granted he shouldn’t on had a gun on school property.

  2. I has made a mistake an took mine to the hospital in purse I did honestly forget it… but I was legal. What’s funny is cause I was there picking up my son at the same time lord! We are human people do forget I don’t think he was to cause any harm.

  3. Mr. BigDog45ACP, do a law abiding citizen lay down thier will to live or right to defend innocent life at any public school entrance? What you are wanting is that only a gang member is allowed this to happen to and never be reported?

  4. Yeah I always forget I’m carrying a brick with a barrel in my waistband when I get caught too. Glocks weigh too much loaded, unless it was the G43 or another of the like, to forget you are carrying. He figured no one would know so why take it out. Another reason that every school should have those at every access point. And I’m hoping he was charged for having a weapon on school grounds, I carry everyday but anytime I have to go to the school I leave it at home, don’t much like that but those are the rules.

  5. Another “responsible” gun owner… between him and the idiots who “forgot” they carried their weapons into an airport and the other idiots who can’t secure their weapons at home from their children, I’m fed up! If you don’t know how to RESPONSIBLY own a firearm, then don’t! I’m with @BigDog45ACP, he should loose his CCP!

  6. Too dangerous to ignore!! Bravo to johnston county schools for installing this technology !! TBYRD

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