Man Jailed Over Pokemon Cards

Johnston County deputies arrested a 32 year-old man after he reportedly stole a number of Pokemon cards. The theft was reported at Walmart at 5141 NC 42 West in the Cleveland community.

Jordan Kyle Faulkenberry of Rolling Creek Circle, Clayton was arrested Feb. 25 after he allegedly failed to pay for $2,475.87 in Pokemon cards in the self checkout.

Faulkenberry was charged with felony obtaining property by false pretense. He was released on a $10,000 bond.


    • Resale, or for his children, or maybe he’s a collector. None are valid reasons to steal but are legitimate reasons for an adult to buy children’s toys.

    • Are you serious? Pokémon is huge with adults, stop talking down on people for having a hobby you Pratt. He shouldn’t have stolen them but if you think Pokemon cards is aimed solely at children you’re hugely mistaken. Christ above

  1. $2,475.87 ?????? How many cards did he take? At $1 a card, that’s 2,475 cards! Did he have them in his pants?

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